My 10 week old has been asleep for 6 how's during the day. Is it normal?

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Foodx123 Sun 20-Sep-20 18:53:11

My baby is 10 weeks old tomorrow and normally sleeps well through the night perhaps waking up once or twice for a feed between 10pm and 8am! Today I took her for her first baby swimming and then she had a nice warm bath when she got home. Since about 1pm today she's been fast asleep and woke up once for a feed. She doesn't usually do this during the day.. I'm normally fighting to get house work done. Should I be worried or could swimming have really taken it out of her?blush

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sitckmansladylove Sun 20-Sep-20 18:55:56

It must have made ger really tired. Hope she isnt awake all night! But yes new babies sleep a lot.

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