11mo in own room - sleep training?

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Tilbag Sun 20-Sep-20 08:35:56

Hi all,
I have just moved my 11mo into her own room, later than I would have liked but that's another story.
She used to sleep really well, waking once a night. Since 7/8mo she woke more and more, getting up to 5/6 times a night wanting a feed. Often she would settle again but sometimes taking about an hour.
I put this down to teething and learning new skills but it never got better again.
We put her in her own room last night and decided my husband would try to settle her. She slept until her usual waking time of 1am then was unsettled for tge rest of the night. Fits of crying followed by v short sleeps. Took no comfort from husband going in, which actually made it worse. In the end we left her to it. None of us got much sleep and I feel a bit mean now.
Will it get better?
Am I doing the right thing? Is there something better I can try?
Help! I'm so tired.

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Cloudsagain Sun 20-Sep-20 08:47:56

I always did whatever got the most amount of people the most amount of sleep - for us when our youngest was that age, this was me safe co-sleeping with baby DD, toddler DS in his own bed and DH in the spare room (dealing with toddler DS if he woke).

Before DD was born it was the same with DS, who would sleep in with me when needed - DH would go in the spare bed at this point.

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