9mnths old and still waking through night

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Carina88 Sun 20-Sep-20 07:08:34

My DS is 9 and a half months old. And from him being 6 months he slept through the night from 7:30-7:30. This last month has been a nightmare he has a bedtime routine and we follow this daily. He goes down absolutely fine in his cot and drinks his full Bedtime feed of 7oz but then around 1:30/2am he wakes up crying. I am not a fan of letting babies cry it out, my little one screams and screams and full tears streaming down his face and then gets into a state where he needs to breathe. So I settle him back to sleep put him back down and he stays all for about 10mins and then back to the beginning.

Does anyone have any ideas why he is waking through the night when he is so settled when he first goes down?

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SweetTeaInTheSummer Sun 20-Sep-20 07:12:31

Is he teething? Starting to crawl/walk/babble more? Often I find when they are about to do something new you get a really bad patch of sleep until they've mastered it! Also teeth can be bothersome I think so while they may not hurt enough to cause crying etc when being settled, once they are trying to drift off it may feel worse. I always pop some teething gel on my 11mo when he goes to bed at the moment for this reason.

Carina88 Sun 20-Sep-20 13:30:37

Yes he has got a couple of teeth coming through at the same time and he has also just started to stand unaided. He has been crawling for 2 months now. And has definitely started babbling more. We always put teething gel on him before bed and when he has been waking I have been putting more on.

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