5 1/2 month old - rolling onto tummy

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Enfys93 Fri 18-Sep-20 23:50:55

Hey! My baby has recently started rolling on to his tummy (a lot!) and has even started doing it in his sleep 🙈
I've read to always have babies asleep on their back, and although I try he always finds away of rolling over.

Since doing this, he is a lot less settled at night! Since 3 months he would sleep 11/12 hours through. He now fidgets a lot more (kicking his legs and tossing and turning) and wakes more during the night.
He is also relying on his dummy a lot more.

Any advice please? It's awful seeing him so unsettled sad


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FATEdestiny Sat 19-Sep-20 18:36:00

Can he roll both back to front and also front to back?

If YES then put baby to sleep on back and if baby rolls you can leave him

If NO (so can roll back to front but not front to back) then put baby to sleep on back and if at any point you notice baby on front then turn back onto back. No need to stay awake to check this, but do ensure you roll baby back every time you notice.

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