9mo only naps for 2 x 35min throughout the WHOLE day

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YorkshireTeaAndBiscuit Fri 18-Sep-20 07:06:00

I’m aware that it’s 1hr 30 - 2hrs short a day but I don’t know what to do!
I’m incredibly stressed that that she seem to do what most other babies do: the long lunchtime nap.
Following sleep training, she now sleeps 7.30am - 5.30/6m but I am at my wits end regarding her napping.
I know the problem is she doesn’t link her sleep cycles in the day but I don’t know the solution!
I have tried:
(In her cot)
Nighttime routine - doesn’t work
Darkened & quiet room - doesn’t work
Watching her, waiting for her to twitch, as she moves from one sleep cycle, then shhh and patting bottom to move her into second sleep cycle - doesn’t work

I’ve also tried rocking, holding and walking her - doesn’t work

She will be going to nursery twice a week from next month and I had hoped to have her settled by now.

Any suggestions of what I can do??

Thank you

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Orangedaisy Fri 18-Sep-20 07:08:29

If she sleeps all night I’d take that and don’t worry about the day time!! At that age both my DDs were up every hour all night. They had a ‘proper’ lunchtime nap and messing with it did nothing to the night.

Dexy2020 Fri 18-Sep-20 07:33:34

@YorkshireTeaAndBiscuit what time are little ones naps? Can you get longer out of her in the car or pram? Do you try for a 3rd nap at all? :D xx

misselphaba Fri 18-Sep-20 15:07:46

DDs naps pretty much fixed themselves/my attempts to help her link sleep cycles finally worked at 10mths. If you do a search on here, you'll see it's quite common. Fingers crossed it's the same for you.

PaulinePetrovaPosey Fri 18-Sep-20 15:54:11

My 8mo DD sometimes does that, sometimes one 30 min nap and one of 2hs.

She sleeps well at night and isn't overtired so I figure she's doing what work for her. I've started to ignore the experts and listen to her instead, and so far all is good.

YorkshireTeaAndBiscuit Fri 18-Sep-20 16:36:40

Okay thanks all. She used to wake every 2-3hrs at night, so I am completely grateful for the through the night...

@Dexy2020 she does around 9.15/9.30 in the morning and then 1pmish in the afternoon, I used to try to keep the 4.30 nap, but she mainly resists.
She’s never been a pram or car nappper - but she used to love the sling.

@misselphaba thank you, I’ve not heard of this! Will do a search now

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Dillybear Fri 18-Sep-20 21:09:10

Just wondering what the problem is if she sleeps well overnight? Is she overtired in the day? If she seems happy and well in herself, maybe she doesn’t need more sleep.


adviceplease11 Sat 19-Sep-20 14:59:54

As others have said, does she seem overtired and grumpy? If not then I wouldn't worry about it.

Once she's down to one nap a day then you still won't get a super long nap out of her but at least it will be longer than an hour!

FATEdestiny Sat 19-Sep-20 18:46:46

Where does she have her naps? Do ypu use white noise?

Not linking sleep cycles at this age is often down to being over tired, which builds through the day giving rise to your teatime nap attempts being hardest. I'd reduce awake time to 2h right from the first nap of the day. So if waking at 6am, first nap 8am and so on. That will not give you a build up of sleep debt as the day progresses.

WrongKindOfFace Sat 19-Sep-20 19:15:03

Some babies just don’t need as much sleep. If she’s not grumpy during the day I wouldn’t worry about it.

Edinburghfalls Sat 19-Sep-20 19:20:56

My son couldn’t seem to link sleep cycles during the day. One 30-40 min nap a day (when at home, nursery was too exciting for sleep) which he dropped at 24months. Did everything. But he sleeps all night. So i figured it’s just what his System needed. I was disappointed myself and my much wanted breaks during the day but never concerned for him..

YorkshireTeaAndBiscuit Sun 20-Sep-20 19:22:24

She seems fine in the day but each night time sleep, there is a slight battle (a few tears) before she sleeps, so I wonder if that’s overtiredness from the day. Then she sleeps through with possibly a wake up at 4am. BUT this is after night sleep training at 6mo. Until 6mo she would wake 4-7 times throughout the night, hence the need for night sleep training

I just worry an hour in the day isn’t enough, but maybe it’s all she needs...

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YorkshireTeaAndBiscuit Sun 20-Sep-20 19:24:10

Oh and @FATEdestiny I am putting her down in her cot in her room each time, with the odd comfort cuddle to sleep if she’s very unsettled or ill (daytime naps only - she’s always fine at night)

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