Another dummy slant!

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JAN54 Thu 17-Sep-20 14:57:09

My 9mo d/d was born 7 days early and the hospital, with my agreement, gave her a dummy literally on day one to help her get used to sucking. She has had a dummy (Mam Premier) ever since. At 3 months I gave her the next size up but she just would not accept it (I tried a couple of other brands but with the same result) and would only take her newborn dummy. I tried again about a month ago with a 6/12 month dummy but again she would not take it.
I spoke to my DN and whilst she said had not come across a baby of 9 months still using a newborn dummy she did not think it would do her any harm but also said I should be thinking of taking the dummy away for good. Not on your life - the last thing I am going to do is take something away from my daughter which she clearly is deriving so much comfort from. Maybe a bit later when teeth arrive but certainly not now.
Has any Mum out there had a similar experience with their baby only accepting a preemie/newborn dummy and if so did baby suffer any effects? Thanks

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dementedpixie Thu 17-Sep-20 17:17:46

The only problem might be the size of the dummy and whether its small enough to fit in her mouth and then become a choking risk. The older age group dummies are larger for this reason

Happyheartlovelife Thu 17-Sep-20 18:40:47

It's not the teeth you have to worry about

It's the placement of the jaw. Having a dummy stops the lower jaw from coming forward

I would imagine having a smaller dummy might really accentuate that.

Though I'm not an expert. Before 1 shouldn't be a problem. But the jaw would start to displace.

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