Dropped dummy but now not napping!

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Leanybean Thu 17-Sep-20 14:42:36

Hi! Looking for opinions, all are welcome smile

DD is 24m and we put her broken dummy in the bin together this week; she was only using it for sleeping. I could have replaced it with one of her old ‘daytime’ dummies that she’s forgotten about, but I thought I’d see what happens.

She hasn’t asked for it at all, BUT she hasn’t napped since. She was very happily having a 2 hour daily nap! Now she shouts and chats to herself and gets in and out of bed (she hasn’t done that since the 2nd night she was in a big bed, several months ago), plays and reads, and then acts hysterically tired for the rest of the afternoon.
She also hasn’t slept through the night this week now - I had to go in and sit with her last night for the first time in over a year.

Her baby brother DS is only 7 weeks old so I didn’t intend on making her lose her dummy quite yet - lots going on for her and tbh I’m already functioning on pretty limited sleep and I just can’t cope with the thought of her dropping her nap right now (I need the time!), combined with her behaviour being so dreadful until bedtime because she’s so tired! I truly do believe she still needs to be napping.

Would you persevere with no dummy now the path has started, or would you dig out an old ‘daytime’ dummy and go back to our original plan of leaving it out for Father Christmas?
TIA for your opinions! X

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