3 week old - Sleep routine

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Mochiface Mon 14-Sep-20 19:04:34

Hi all,

We have a little girl just over three weeks old. Still early days but midwife said that it's okay to establish a routine for her and wake her during the day.. But another midwife also said don't wake them so not sure which is appropriate. When will she start to recognise night and day?

And she literally just eats and sleeps at the moment not even awake for tummy time and only awake from 11 usually just crying unless we hold her , think her crying is down to her tiredness because she wants sleep but fights it at night it seems..

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Mangomumma Mon 14-Sep-20 19:14:16

At 3 weeks my DC just fed & slept as & when they wanted. I don't think we started even a bit of a routine until 12 weeks. By then a pattern start to emerge & things got a bit easily. Being able to put them down & recognising night from day will come, but 3 weeks is still so tiny. Google the 4th trimester, very normal for her to want to be held lots at this age. Totally up to you but I would never wake a baby so small unless they were going hours without feeding or had low weight & needed extra feeds. It's tough & seems like it goes on forever but it will get easier. Have you got help from anyone else?

Mochiface Tue 15-Sep-20 11:53:47

Hi @Mangomumma ,

Thanks! Yeah, I feel like it's really tight on her trying to keep her awake during the day when clearly she just wants to rest so I will take it as the little one just trying her best to adjust.

My mother in law is here so lucky in that sense someone is here to cook for us whilst my husband and I can concentrate on taking care and spending time with the little one even though she doesn't really interact with us as she sleeps most of the time, which I suppose is normal at this stage.

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