Sleep aids

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wishing3 Mon 14-Sep-20 17:32:42

Hi, I'm keen to get a sleep aid before baby is born and am a bit overwhelmed at the choice. My Hummy, Ewan the Sheep, Ollie the Owl...
Which ones would you recommend please? Thanks!

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Whatelsecouldibecalled Mon 14-Sep-20 17:33:32

Ollie owl

wishing3 Mon 14-Sep-20 18:30:03


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Cheesewine Mon 14-Sep-20 18:35:05

I love Ewan but he does look scary on baby monitor sometimes. Thought he was my daughter one time in a sleep deprived state. Lol

wishing3 Mon 14-Sep-20 18:37:15

Maybe Ollie's friendly face is way forwards then!

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