Isolating, time to sleep train? How?!

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Fivebyfive2 Mon 14-Sep-20 14:30:56

OK, so our ds is 9 months and breastfed on demand plus 3 meals a day.

He has started sleeping longer stretches (sometimes!) but is fed to sleep almost all of the time. Sometimes I can get him in the cot or snuzpod when very drowsy after a feed and he goes off on his own, but this is not by any means a regular achievement! I try to start each night in his room, but he almost always ends up in his snuzpod in our room. This is because he has to be fed or rocked etc to sleep and then lowered down, which wakes him. I then get stressed /exhausted and give up, bring him to our room, feed him and slide into the snuzpod, just so we all get a proper sleep. I know this isn't the best way so please don't judge me too harshly!

To now... We are having to self isolate for the next 2 weeks. We think it might be a good time to try sleep training? Dh is fully on board with whatever I decide. Atm I do almost all settling as ds just wants the boob, but we're hoping we can change this so that it's not all on me. Especially as I'm returning to work just before Christmas and he'll be with my parents and nursery!

Our plan is: start each night in his room. Bf downstairs first, then brush his teeth and get his sleeping bag on. Take him upstairs, put his usual song on and put him down in his cot. Sit with him but don't interact. If he cries, try pat/shush. If it escalates, cuddle to calm him down, then put back down. Repeat. Does this sound OK??

For night wakes, I think I'll still need to feed for a bit as I know when he does nurse in the night, he does still actually feed, not just suckle. Would I be OK to feed and try to put down very sleepy or if he does fall asleep on the boob, rouse him slightly to put down? Although he usually wakes on being put down anyway!

Any advice gratefully received 🙂

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