3 month old wakes every hour

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MsChatterbox Mon 14-Sep-20 06:11:59

Hi all,

Just as the title says. My 3 month old still wakes every hour. She's randomly done two 7 hour stretches so I know it's possible.

I've given up trying to put her down during the day as she always wakes after 20 minutes, so all naps are in the carrier.

She is the same if cosleeping or in her own bed but usually worse in her own bed.

I'm not really looking for any solutions as not interested in any sleep training.

She's not overtired as she goes in the carrier at first tired cue and takes 3 good naps a day in there.

Just want to hear from people that have had this at 3 months and it has got better 😭.

My toddler wakes at 5:30 which just feels gross after a bad night.

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YouJustDoYou Mon 14-Sep-20 06:14:42

Hi op, I remember your pain well. My oldest, now 7, did exavtly the same for the first almost year. The second year it as every one to two hours. He finally slept through the night (7pm -4am) around 3 years old, but would still wake at least once a night until he was about 4.

MsChatterbox Mon 14-Sep-20 06:23:49

@YouJustDoYou gosh I bet that was rough. My son was terrible napper - as in wouldn't fall asleep if there was anything at all happening even a walk in the pushchair - so I was hoping I would be dealt a good sleeper this time but it doesn't seem to have happened! Doesn't help that I'm part of a group of same aged babies and they're all sleeping through 🤯. I would never expect that... But 3 hour stints would just feel amazing..

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