5 month old waking but not drinking

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Disappointedkoala Sat 12-Sep-20 07:06:27

Sounds like a sleep regression to me. I'd stick with your routine and just manage the nights as best as you can until it passes.

Overitallllll Fri 11-Sep-20 19:28:19

So I have a five month old, he sleeps well during the day. I use the huckleberry app for naps and for feeds. He’s bottle fed and drinks more than enough during the day. I’ve tried to keep the same routine for the last few months, he has a bottle, bath, book then bed. He self soothes and goes to sleep sucking his thumb.

He has always woken up around 3 times in the night, he now has his last feed around 10-11pm then wakes up twice in the night but has stopped drinking his bottles. He’s just waking to moan and nothing can settle him. If he’s not waking up to eat how do I get him out of this habit?!

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