How long does it take to readjust- dropped naps

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OnlyFoolsnMothers Fri 11-Sep-20 14:11:46

Help!!! We started dropping the odd nap for my 3yr old about 5/6 months ago. She naps when in nursery for a full day -2days a wk- but only for 1hr (at my request). When at home she fully resists a nap, I have no issue with this except come 5.30pm she is tantruming, distraught, falling about, acting the fool etc. It hasn’t got better and I’m at a loss. It ruins all afternoon plans/ play dates and I can’t take it anymore. We try some non nap down time- that doesn’t work either. She’s in bed by 7 on nap days and wakes anywhere between 5.45am-7am- usually somewhere in between. On nap days she’s in bed at 7.30/8pm.

Is it normal to take this long to adjust?

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