Fidgety when falling asleep but not on me?

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NameChange564738 Thu 10-Sep-20 21:21:38

Can anyone help? Please, I feel like I’m taking big sids risks by letting DC sleep actually cuddled up to me so want to find out what is going on.

When DC is falling asleep at night, whether it’s the first time going down or the third night wake up, there is so much fidgeting going on. Grunting, head rubbing (almost got a bald patch it’s happened so much) and general signs of what I’d describe as discomfort.

BUT if I scoop DC up and cuddle in close under my arm/armpit then it’s lights out immediately. I’m worried that if I do this on one of the night feeds and DC gets too hot or something it’s just not that safe.

What can I do to stop the ‘discomfort’ of falling asleep alone?

3 months old now, we’re EBF so lots of night wakings which I’m OK with.

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