What am I doing wrong?

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WeEE Tue 08-Sep-20 10:25:43

Urg I remember this with my eldest. Apparently it is a sleep regression which can happen anywhere from 4 months old really.

My Daughter was waking hourly at 5 months and I couldn't cope any more. We did sleep training where you leave baby for 2 minutes, go back in and have a hug or try and settle for maybe a minute, then go in after 4 minutes,6,8,10. My Daughter was nearly always asleep after the 6 minute slot and she barely even cried. I think it took about a week to really work. She would still wake up every now and then in the night for a bottle, but not often. She is 3 now and she sleeps like an absolute dream.

PrincessMarm Tue 08-Sep-20 10:04:27

What am I doing wrong?

My lo is six months exactly tomorrow and he still doesn't sleep through for more than a couple of hours.

A typical night would be: put baby to bed between 8 and 830 and he then would usually sleep until around 1030 / 11, I would then feed him and put him back down and he would sleep for around an hour. This then would usually continue throughout the night; but lately he has been waking every 20 to 30 minutes and basically won't sleep on his back in the crib. He will sleep lying on me, and I have fallen asleep feeding him a couple of times but I never wanted to get into the habit of co-sleeping.

I have also tried just giving him a cwtch and not feeding him every time he wakes but he screams and is always looking for boob.

I keep blaming it on a leap or a growth spurt.. 'It'll be over soon' but this seems to be permanent and has been going on for what seems like forever.

At four months we did try to start sleep training for a few nights but everyone said he was too young and he'll improve on his own. I keep reading stories (obviously haven't been able to speak to anyone in real life) about how at 5 and 6 months the babies are sleeping through with only one feed and I am just wondering how?!

Also during the day he doesn't cry for feeding and is happy enough every 3 or sometimes 4 hours and will sleep on his own.

At this point I am willing to give anything a go, please help!

A very tired mama x

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