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Ronnie1234 Tue 08-Sep-20 06:37:09

My 3 year old is in the bed part of a cot bed with the cot bed duvet she started calling me up to 3 times a night to put duvet back on
So I bought a single duvet & cover etc thinking if it was bigger it wouldn’t come off her worked for one night now started again!
Any tips?
I did buy duvet clips which come on a strap from amazon but bit reluctant to put them on

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BikeRunSki Tue 08-Sep-20 06:48:07

Lie the duvet length wide across the bed and tuck in the sides.

BikeRunSki Tue 08-Sep-20 06:48:55

Single duvet that is.

Ronnie1234 Fri 18-Sep-20 07:32:58

I've been doing that ... it has improved to one calling in the night

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DemolitionBarbie Sat 19-Sep-20 17:22:35

We sorted this by putting DD to bed in a fleecy onesie over the top of her pyjamas. Borderline too hot now but works well over winter.

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