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jessi1983 Mon 07-Sep-20 05:39:55

So my son, who has just turned 2 has always been a fairly good sleeper. Usually he would wake around 6/6:30 but would happily lay in his cot chatting/playing until 7/7:30 before calling out for us and we would go get him,

For the last 3weeks now he has been waking at 5am screaming his head off, we made the mistake of bringing him into our bed when he was waking crying but he would never go back to sleep. Now I've been going into his room and laying on floor next to his bed. I really want to stop this bad habit!

Any help to advice? He woke at 5am on the dot this morning and I stood outside his door trying to calm him for 10mins this morning while he cried and cried.

Help!! 5am is too early to wake up, he currently goes to bed at 7 (usually asleep by 7:20)
And we've just reduced his day time nap from 2hrs to 1hr 45 (12-1:45pm)

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BeHereNowx32 Mon 07-Sep-20 05:57:22

Hi is it ok if I pop on to see advice too?
My DD is 17 months, and never been the best sleeper. We co slept until a few months ago, she would sleep for longer. Now, I bring her into my bed at 5am and she won’t go back to sleep.

I feel like I have tried everything except leaving her to cry... I did read that there is an 18 month and 2 year sleep regression.

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