7 week old struggling to sleep in the day

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EnglishRain Sun 06-Sep-20 19:38:53

Thank you, hopefully it's just a phase if both of yours were like this too!

It is a stretchy wrap I've got, but I have not tried bouncing on a ball with it! That can be tomorrow's new attempt.

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ConfusedPanda Sun 06-Sep-20 10:45:18

Both of mine were like this at the same age, it's tough.

I was going to suggest a sling but I can see you've tried that. What type of sling is it? At that stage I used one of the stretchy wrap types and used to bounce on a yoga ball with her in the sling and white noise playing. All a bit ridiculous but it worked and the phase does pass.

EnglishRain Sun 06-Sep-20 10:25:46

Oh and she isn't interested in a dummy. Occasionally sucks it got a minute or two then spits it out.

Damn! The eyes have just pinged open and she has awoken with a cry sad

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EnglishRain Sun 06-Sep-20 10:24:22

For the last week to ten days DD hasn't been napping much in the day. Today, for example, we got up at 6.30am, and I managed to get her to drift off for 15 mins in the sling at 09.50 but then she woke up upset. She's now feeding and has her eyes shut but is feeding.

She will tend to drop off to sleep on me after a feed, but she will wake up within a few minutes. If she would only nap on me I wouldn't mind to be honest, but she doesn't seem to manage a decent nap at all now sad

Is it a phase, will she get better at napping? I worry it's bad for her having so little sleep. She has been more unsettled in the days, not sure if it's growth spurt related or something else.

As I've finished typing this she has flung herself backwards off my boob (nipple firmly in her mouth obviously, ouch!) and passed out against my arm. Very much hoping this results in a proper nap, but expecting the eyes to ping open imminently...

Any advice? Tried sling, pram, rocking, walking, her nuna, her Tripp trapp, reading to her, singing, playing music. Wondered if she might feel touched out or something. Feel as though I am missing something, and I always make sure she has been fed and changed.

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