Co sleeping- does anyone do it?

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squashie34 Fri 04-Sep-20 10:40:08

Do you any of your ladies cosleep with your baby? I was really against doing it as I was worried about the SIDS risk but my 5 week old sleeps until 3:30am and then once she is fed just won’t go back down again but if I lay her on the bed she sleeps soundly! She’s going through the 5 week leap so I know she’s extra clingy.. she’s been in our bed from after that feed until 7:30am for the last 4 nights but I’ve sat at the end of the bed or lay awake next to her as I was too scared to sleep next to her, but I’m just exhausted and can’t carry on with it anymore 😭 I've read lots about how to cosleep safely but still worried about trying it.

just wondered if anyone was doing it and had any tips? Also, what is the increased risk of SIDS with Co sleeping, is it about rolling on to baby or is there something about them lying on the mattress that could stop them breathing etc?

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Suzi888 Fri 04-Sep-20 17:55:08

I have done it, not all the time as I couldn’t sleep knowing she was there. I think the dangers are rolling on to baby, pulling duvet/blankets around you and over baby, overheating, pillow and baby’s face. I think you have to sleep on just the mattress and that’s it.

What about one of those cots that attach to the bed? So baby isn’t actually in your bed?

user32723 Fri 04-Sep-20 18:02:41

I did with all three, I read the book 'three in a bed' and made an active decision to. We adapted a cot bed bedside cot, bigger than a next to me and cheaper. But baby did sleep in the bed too. I didn't use a pillow when they were very small, and slept with a sheet up to my waste with baby on top of it in a sleeping bag. Had two singles rather than one shared double duvet. I bought a Snuza sleep alarm for my second and third just for peace of mind in the earlier days. The problem with the stats on cosleeping cot deaths is they include all the unplanned bed sharers who may have been drunk/smokers/fallen asleep accidentally from exhaustion in an unsafe manner etc so we don't have the true picture. I wish cot deaths from planned cosleeping was available. I could never find any. I think cosleeping isn't reccommended if you formula feed though, as baby sleeps more deeply and wakes less often for feeds, and equally parents sleep more deeply.

bellsbuss Fri 04-Sep-20 18:09:40

I've done it with all 4 of mine and I loved it , if one of us had been drinking we just slept in the spare room.

Eggcellent29 Sun 06-Sep-20 11:24:26

I’m sort of in the middle

Baby is six months old and in a next to me. When he stirs in the night he will come in for a cuddle but go back into the cot once he’s asleep. I occasionally drift off briefly while he is in my bed, but it isn’t permanent ifsyim

I wouldn’t have personally done it when he was younger due to the SIDS risk. There is still a risk now but he is able to move/hit me in the face (🙄) if he’s uncomfortable

Keha Tue 08-Sep-20 22:21:31

I do. I looked into the risks, evidence etc and balanced that with my need to actually sleep and decided it was the best option. I think this is a helpful article

Oly4 Tue 08-Sep-20 22:24:16

I have done out of necessity but not with my partner in the bed. No way. So me wrapped in a duvet up to my own waist height, baby’s head level with my own head and my duvet nowhere near them.
I didn’t want to but was desperate for sleep.
I’d never sleep with a baby between me and my partner though, too risky


Igotmyholiday Tue 08-Sep-20 22:30:07

I did for 3 years, breastfed baby, no pillow or duvet for baby. I was single so no one else in bed. Look at how to do it safely. I wouldn't if formula fed or you are on medication /alcohol / smoke

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