3mo suddenly waking multiple times at night for dummy

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EGmummy Sun 30-Aug-20 13:25:10

Hey so I'm just looking for advice. Not sure if I've created a rod for my own back here with introducing a dummy to my baby. Its been a godsend with bed time helping her to settle to sleep and once it fell out, she was never bothered about having it back if she woke up, but to be fair the times she would wake up were to feed.
Fast forward to now and she doesn't feed until about 4am now but she's started waking from around 1 on the odd occasion shouting for her dummy, as soon as I go in and give it her back she goes back to sleep.

Is this a phase? Or should I try and wean the dummy? I have no idea what the best thing is, any ideas? Its hard at the moment as she's not able to out it back in herself so do I persevere until she can if its what she likes for comfort or do I find another way?


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EGmummy Sun 30-Aug-20 13:26:26

I've put that she wakes odd occasion in the thread but its actually been the last few nights! Thanks again. X

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MsChatterbox Sun 30-Aug-20 13:27:48

I've been told once introduce a dummy don't remove it due to increased risk of sids. No idea the science behind it. Could he be going through a growth spurt and actually be hungry and the dummy gets her back to sleep but then she wakes up hungry again? I had this with my son and just persevered until he could put it back in. He was right next to me so didn't take a second to put it back in.

EGmummy Sun 30-Aug-20 13:33:51

I'm quite happy to keep going with it if she wants it for comfort. The wakings just come suddenly so wasn't sure what to think? I've tried offering milk at these times occasionally thinking the same like maybe shes hungry but only takes about 1.5oz and then we still have the same issue so 🤞 it's just a phase xx

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MsChatterbox Sun 30-Aug-20 13:37:54

Hopefully it is. If not you can get rid at 6 months hv said! The 4 months sleep regression my son woke for it very often but it got less and less as he got older! It hasn't stopped my giving one to my daughter so obviously wasn't too traumatic! I was also able to take it away in 1 day with my son so no issues there.

FippertyGibbett Sun 30-Aug-20 13:37:56

I remember lining four dummies up at the top of the cot. They would keep their eyes closed and reach up for one. When I heard the fourth drop on the floor I knew I was going to have to get up !!

EGmummy Sun 30-Aug-20 13:51:04

Think I'll just persevere! It's not horrendous at night as she doesn't particularly make a scene but the amount is killing me as I'm not used to having to do it haha!

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Magpie21 Sun 30-Aug-20 23:16:01

@EGmummy I'm glad I found a post about this as my 2 month old has started doing this. It seems like she gets to a certain point in the night ok and then is loosing it often. Hopefully this will be a short phase!

EGmummy Mon 31-Aug-20 07:50:38

@Magpie21 my girl was at it again last night! Slept 7 till 12 no problem then woke, gave her the dummy back and she slept till 2, then woke again so I gave her the benefit of the doubt again but decided it was play time so I fed her as she would have been due soon anyway and she was still up an hour after that! Finally fell asleep around half 4/5 and woke up at half 7. So really it's not horrendous but it's always slap bang middle of the night when you just don't need it! 😂 x

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EGmummy Mon 31-Aug-20 07:53:42

She is also in the middle of a leap so I am wondering if it's that too? Although they've never affected her sleep much before. I also put her in a 2 tog sleepsuit for bed instead of a regular sleepsuit thinking is she waking up cold? Cause she's a thrasher and always ends up losing the covers! And I must admit she felt on the chilly side previous nights. Seemed to help by not being up as much but instead she was that comfortable she decided it was play time 😂

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spacepoppers Mon 31-Aug-20 08:02:35

I had a toy for my little one that a dummy attached to, he quickly learned how to locate it - win!
This kind of thing - https://www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk/fox-comforter-soother-saver-e6022.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIubL5O3E6wIVibbtCh2HqQDLEAQYAiABEgLnGG_D_BwE

EggHead268 Mon 31-Aug-20 08:53:23

No advice but currently having the same issue 😴

DS is 13 weeks and has been doing this for the past week or so. Before that it was probably only once or twice at most and he would settle back down straight away but now he will do it once then settle for 1-2 hours then up again and it's on and off for 1-2 hours, always at 2.30/3am. I keep thinking yesss he's settled then 5 minutes later he's at it again. I gave up last night and had him in bed with me but he still took a while to settle.

Think we just have to persevere. DS1 went through this phase too but once he could find and put the dummy back in himself it was amazing. Just used to chuck 4 or 5 dummys in his cot and he was fine.

EggHead268 Mon 31-Aug-20 08:54:29

I find naps the worst too as he just wont go back to sleep without it.

EGmummy Mon 31-Aug-20 09:44:24

@EggHead268 wow yes sounds exactly like mine! She's not too bad at falling to sleep for a nap but doesn't stay asleep long then come the end of the day she cries cause shes tired! Just going to have to keep going! When she first wakes up around midnight, I don't think she's hungry but I never know whether to just feed anyway but then I know it won't make no difference and she will be up again at 2-3am 😭 at which point I do feed her. It's a hard one. Xx

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Magpie21 Mon 31-Aug-20 20:13:56

@spacepoppers Thanks for that link. I may buy one of those for when my daughter is older.

@EGmummy My LO does 11pm-8am and starts to stir for her dummy around 3/4, so this might be a time when her sleep is lighter. I never even considered that I would be waking up in the middle of the night to replace a dummy!

Last night was much better than the nights before that. What dummy type are you using?

EGmummy Mon 31-Aug-20 21:53:49

@Magpie21 I'm hoping tonight is better as I'm so tired but have a slight feeling it won't be!
Dummy wise atm I'm using the MAM night time ones that glow in the dark. I know she's not able to find it yet but I can at least haha! Not sure if it's a good choice of dummy or not? 🤔

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Heygirlheyboy Mon 31-Aug-20 21:57:26

Is there a chance she's hungry or need of some comfort? For me this was start of 4m sleep regression and increased night time feeds... Sorry! I took soother off my first dc around 4m as it was just constantly dropping and he couldn't hold it or didn't want it who knows.

Magpie21 Tue 01-Sep-20 13:45:34

@EGmummy How was your night dummy-wise? My DD slept from 11:30 to 8:45 but woke what felt like every 30 mins for her dummy between 3 and 6. That was rough. I'm holding out hope for a better night tonight as I think her routine was a bit off before bed.

@Heygirlheyboy You could be right. I have started rubbing dd's belly but she is still searching for the dummy.

EGmummy Tue 01-Sep-20 19:56:29

@Magpie21 erm, it was better but not great. Woke at midnight and I gave it her back, then wpke at 1am, gave it her back. Then woke at 2am and I just fed her to see if it would settle her properly and then she slept till 6:30 at which point I was still like a zombie so I put her projector on and she entertained herself for an hour.

Today though she's been horrendous all day so I don't think it bodes well for tonight! 😭 xx

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OverTheRainbow88 Tue 01-Sep-20 20:01:20

At the 1am etc how do you know baby isn’t hungry?

EGmummy Wed 02-Sep-20 09:02:43

I don't, I'm just going off her "normal" but I know babies switch it up all the time just when you think you've cracked it! I just fed her the 1st time she woke last night and she only took a small amount so I don't think she was starving, but maybe it's more comfort and the dummy isn't always doing it for her. I'll just keep trying different things. X

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JadesRollerDisco Wed 02-Sep-20 09:09:56

I would try feeding at that 11pm/midnight waking. Might get a better run. Although some babies do wake up at the worst time of night every night. My youngest wakes up at about 4am every single night and always has done! 18 months now! He will get up and play at that time, or have a quick cuddle and go back down until 6ish x

MrsMaglev Wed 02-Sep-20 09:32:59

Another one with a 12 week old waking up hourly overnight confusedsending solidarity and fervently hoping it's not the start of the 4 month sleep regression...

(OP my daughter doesn't have a dummy, usually wakes up for a bit of boob and goes straight back to sleep again once she's had a cuddle so I think it's comfort she's after)...

Good luck everyone this is awful!!

Magpie21 Wed 02-Sep-20 10:34:03

@EGmummy @MrsMaglev I had another night of frequent wakings for the dummy! I managed to get her down for her sleep with a belly rub but by 2am I had to pop the dummy in again as she was getting restless for it.

It's so disappointing that she is sleeping through the night but waking up for her dummy. It can't be good for her sleep quality either.

MrsMaglev Wed 02-Sep-20 11:07:32

@Magpie21 it's deeply annoying, inability to fall asleep is a massive design flaw in babies. Repeat 'just a phase' x 2000 and set arms to 'rock to sleep' mode.

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