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CuriousClownFish Sun 16-Aug-20 21:44:29

Just wandered if anyone had tried either of these, or a similar approach. The basic premise (as far as I can tell!) is that you stop clock watching to time naps or wake windows or anything like that. You just provide lots of opportunities to feed and sleep and otherwise go with the flow. If baby is awake longer or has Catnaps, that's OK. Also, provide lots of stimulation - the idea seems to be crabbiness is sometimes lack of stimulation rather than tiredness. The concept seems to be if baby is well fed and stimulated they will sleep as and when they need.

I have a 3 month old DS. He is quite sleep resistant in the day. I have looked at loads of sleep threads on Mumsnet and articles about baby sleep, and as a result I feel like my whole life revolves around making him go to sleep within a short wake window, and keeping him asleep for more than 30 minutes. I am constantly jiggling him in a sling, pushing him in a pram or feeding him hoping he will drop off. He is generally a cheerful chap, does have more difficult days but can't say these are clearly related to days he has slept less. He's otherwise
so far quite an easy baby, but this whole daytime sleep is really stressful. The idea of not forcing it and going with the flow sounds like such a relief. And I would gladly never think about wake windows ever again. But I am worried that if I didn't really actively pursue making him go to sleep within a short wake time, I would end up with a miserable, overtired baby and it would be hard to get back on top of the sleep. So I am really interested in hearing from anyone else who has done this and whether it worked.

I do suffer from post-natal anxiety and I am possibly massively overthinking this, but this day time sleep is slowly sending me mad!

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LazJaz Sun 06-Sep-20 20:08:26

I’d also really like to know of peoples experience with these programmes!

misselphaba Sun 06-Sep-20 23:24:09

I was nap obsessed with nap dodging DD and looking back it was the biggest waste of time. I should have fed to sleep more, let her stay awake rather than walk around endlessly pushing the pram etc. It did drive me a bit mad tbh.

I find it interesting that older generations didn't seem to stress about this with their babies as much. I was out with a friends Mum recently who happens to be a bit of a baby whisperer. Her response when my DS started grizzling whilst she was holding him wasn't to reduce stimulation and try to settle him for a nap but to reposition him and talk to him more. It worked and he was cooing away with her for a while.

Maybe getting the perfect sleep schedule doesn't matter as much as we think it does.

vicvic81 Mon 28-Dec-20 19:51:53

I'm curious, did anyone actually try this intuitive baby sleep program? I keep seeing it advertised on my FB page but can't see many reviews so a bit unsure whether to try it.

Carmensevillana Sun 03-Oct-21 21:17:57

Hi I know it has been long but how did it go? I have a 3 m old that won’t stay anywhere apart from my arms/ boob. Had same problem with my daughter and was a nightmare and at 7 m we did sleeping program with her and was exhausting and depressing. I suffers postnatal anxiety too and I do now. Any tips or ideas on what you did if something worked. Thanks.

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