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DD was sleeping fine - now at 12mths it has gone totally pear-shaped

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Squiffy Tue 02-Oct-07 14:32:53

Having moved on to child number two, we thought we had the whole sleeping thing sussed...

Up until about 6 weeks ago DD was perfectly happy with a 60 minute nap in the morning, having dropped her afternoon nap at about 8 months. Then she would sleep from 7pm until 4am, then wake for just an ounce maybe of milk (or latterly, water) before settling back down until 6.00am

Ah, those blissful days.

Now she is refusing to sleep during the day and she is waking every night at either 1.30 or 3.30 and is refusing to settle down again. And she is in an incandescent mood - she wakes and is instantly up and rattling the side of the cot. When we try to settle her down she will scream her head off when we don't pick her up or when we lie her down under the covers. This then escalates and she drags all of her bedding over the side of the cot and throws it all out, along with anything else she can find, screaming at the top of her lungs. The minute we go to her she stops, smiles and holds up her hands. she does exactly the same when we try to put her down for naps. The nursery where she goes have the same problem with the daytime nap, and so does the nanny.

We have tried the following:-

1) CC - two and a half hours and still going strong.... her screams escalate to the point of retching. I tried this for 3 weeks and there was no downturn in length/frequency - if anything it progressively got worse
2) Stroking her while she lies in the cot - she will let us do this for a while then try to stand up again and start crying again
3) Staying with her until she sleeps, doing the normal slow withdrawal stuff - seems to stimulate her even more - she will start babbling, moving round, crying etc
4) Co-sleeping - she still wakes up and tries to crawl all over us, tries to stand up, tries to get out of bed, and screems when we try to stop or subdue her
5) Swaddling - hahahahahahaha. worked when she was 6 weeks old but now she gets furious if we try to restrict her either by cuddling her or swaddling her.
6) Getting her to bed earlier - nope - she won't go down
&) Getting her to bed later - she still wakes and is a bit cranky the next day from too little sleep
8) Giving up, getting up. Works in terms of stopping the tears, but as a strategy it has obvious flaws smile

During the day she is sweetness itself - always cheerful, laughing, never seems to be tired. She has cut quite a few teeth which for sure upset her sleeping a bit but never created problems like these, and there has been no obvious changes to her routine/feeding. She always has plenty of supper, good wind-down, and she goes off to sleep like an angel of an's just that at some point during every night she turns into Bride of Chucky.

Any ideas?

cruisemum1 Wed 03-Oct-07 08:55:04

oh god sad poor you sad. am bumping for you.

twofalls Wed 03-Oct-07 09:03:17

No ideas I am afraid but just a bit of reassurance. DD did similar things about the same age and I tried everything you did with the same effects. Then all of a sudden, 4 molars appeared and she settled down again. That was after one night where I was driving around the oxfordshire countryside at 3am in absolute desperation.

So sorry I can't give any advice, we were at our wits end, didn't know what to do and all of a sudden, she calmed down again.

In terms of daytime naps, I went through a stage of having to take her out in her pram to get her to sleep in the day, she just would not sleep in her cot - can you try that for daytime.

So sorry there is no advice forthcoming from me, but it did get better for us and I hope it does for you. You sound at your wits end.

Squiffy Wed 03-Oct-07 09:27:36

Well, you have made me feel so much better with your tales of perusing the hedgerows in the dead of night! Perhaps it is the teething after all as I guess now would be the time for the molars to start to come through...

I will send more musings from the land of the living should there be any changes.. I did have to laugh last night when DD woke up DS and he politely asked if I could please put her back in my tummy because she was too noisy smile

twofalls Wed 03-Oct-07 19:05:36

lol at your ds smile

I am glad I have made you feel better. It always made me feel loads better when I heard similar horror stories, it made me realise I wasn't the only one tearing my hair out at some ungodly hour of the morning.

Hope you have a better night tonight.

<twofalls sends squiffy lots of happy, sleeping baby vibes>

Highlander Wed 03-Oct-07 21:11:59

DS2 is the same at the mo'. He wakes up every hour, it's grim. I noticed on an old calender that I marked, at 13mo, for DS1 - 'sleeping much better'. CAN'T FARKING WAIT!!!!!!!!!

pistachio Wed 03-Oct-07 21:18:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaeBee Thu 04-Oct-07 17:00:00

again no advice but empathy!
my 12 mth old was doing just great - at last! - sleeping through, 2 happy naps a day. all gone to pot in last couple of weeks, and last night was misery itself. up 3 times and then he was screaming from 3 til 4 (kept going in and patting him back to sleep, he would fall asleep, wake again, etc etc) eventually took him in with me for bit but he was still waking and crying.
am really hoping its teething! he's got 6 so i think he's due a couple more soon?

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