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Tricky84 Thu 09-Jul-20 10:49:16

Hi ladies. Has anyone tried the Intuitive Baby Sleep Programme? I think its quite new. It looks a lot gentler than many sleep programmes as you can feed to sleep, co sleep, bed share etc. And there is no putting baby down awake. I just wondered if anyone has any experience of this programme?

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LazJaz Sun 06-Sep-20 19:24:20

I have the same question! I think it’s based on the possum sleep approach - has anyone tried this?

Persipan Sun 06-Sep-20 19:30:44

I was actually just trying to see what I could find out about this... It does seem rather veiled in mystery but so far as I could establish the gist seemed to be: babies are supposed to wake up at night and it's normal; lots of sensory stimulation is good; chill out about naps and don't go mad with a rigid routine, a fed and simulated baby will sleep when they're tired. Which I agree with but don't feel the need to pay someone fifty quid to tell me, tbh. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's actually done it, though!

Beachmom93 Tue 08-Sep-20 20:42:42

I tried this with my daughter and it does work if you apply all the elements correctly. It's bit more involved than just providing sensory stimulation although it does play a big role. It's a very natural approach compared to other programs.

LazJaz Wed 09-Sep-20 02:12:13

@beachmom93 - which program did you follow? Is it worth purchasing?

Beachmom93 Fri 11-Sep-20 07:24:27

@LazJaz yes I think it's worth it. Its the Intuitive Baby Sleep Program.
It is a very low stress program compared to most other programs!

NoIDontWatchLoveIsland Thu 17-Sep-20 21:53:52

I'm intrigued - what's the outcome supposed to be tho? Its very vague on their website about how it actually improves your baby's sleep - it doesnt promise fewer night wakings for example, or a baby that will happily go in a cot. Surely if you are happy with night wakings etc you dont need a program at all confused


vicvic81 Wed 23-Sep-20 09:14:22

I'm considering doing this, my son woke every 20mins by 3m old (due to health reasons) and never seemed to sleep in the day either, I'm keen to make sure my daughter sleeps better but don't want to so anything f the awful cry it out type stuff. can I ask how straight forward it is to follow? some things I've seen on other sites are really rigid in terms of routine etc which I find hard to fit around...

calexa Fri 01-Jan-21 20:54:17

Any updates on this? After a horrific leap 4 and leap 5 with teething in between we are fairly broken! Just coming out of leap 5 now so currently waiting to see if things settle but if not we will need to make some changes somehow, this approach sounds much more in keeping with my understanding of nurturing healthy development. I’d definitely be keen to hear if any of those above pursued the program?

Gabriella93 Thu 18-Mar-21 10:09:19

Any update on this? Did anyone purchase this programme? X

Chillychili Fri 26-Mar-21 10:17:34

Just bumping to see if anyone has done this

Nicwooders Sat 27-Mar-21 08:44:25

I’m currently doing this (since Monday) I’ve got a 5.5 month old who ever since week 12 has started sleeping badly. The last three months have been bad. Rarely getting stretches longer than 1-2 hours. I breastfeed so I’m constantly getting up to feed her. We just moved her into her nursery on Monday too and we used to have her in a Snoo next to our bed. I’m not noticing any difference yet with the programme. I’m hoping it will give me longer stretches at night. I’m going to give it another week then I’ll try something else. Part of the programme involves no TV! I’m desperate to get my telly back for some adult company.

Chillychili Sat 27-Mar-21 08:48:39

O gosh doesn’t sounds very hopeful, also I would miss the tv (home alone every day). My 6 mo was up every half an hour last night. Good luck, I hope you get sleep soon 😴

Nicwooders Sat 27-Mar-21 09:23:09

Oh that’s tough! Good luck too!

Has anyone else tried it? If so how long before you saw results?

Fullofthejoysofspring Sat 27-Mar-21 09:33:25

No tv?! Sod that!

Mamatoabeauty Fri 02-Apr-21 19:40:23

I’ve just come across this and tempted to try it. Have you seen any improvement @Nicwooders? Would you recommend it?

Not to keen on the idea of no tv though hmm

Diamond263 Tue 06-Apr-21 20:43:22

Bumping to see if there are any follow ups to this!

Nicwooders Wed 07-Apr-21 14:01:24

I gave it a good go for two weeks and no such luck. I'm going to request a refund. I have now resorted to taking cara babies. Last night was better after implementing that. This was day 1!!!

Mamatoabeauty Thu 22-Apr-21 20:43:23

Thanks for the update! How are you getting on with cara babies?

LapinR0se Thu 22-Apr-21 20:45:17

I think it sounds like it will reassure you if you follow attachment parenting principles but not much else.

Nicwooders Thu 22-Apr-21 20:58:20

Yeah really good. I would recommend it. She is sleeping much better now and when she wakes up she puts herself back to sleep. We completed the two week programme. We are going to work on nap training next week. I found takingcarababies videos really reassuring that I was doing the right thing for both me and my baby. It's been a total game changer, going from waking up every hour and breastfeeding back to sleep. I only do one dream feed now at 10pm. She os sleeping 7-6ish. Hope that helps. It's so tough when you and your baby aren't getting sleep. Everyone deserves it.

Mamatoabeauty Thu 22-Apr-21 22:10:16

Omg this sounds incredible!! Did you find it hard? Can I ask what the longest length of time you had to leave your baby to cry for? (I know they’re all different and will react differently)

Mamatoabeauty Thu 22-Apr-21 22:11:01

Didn’t mean to post..

But my position sounds very similar to how yours was!

Nicwooders Fri 23-Apr-21 10:42:54

@Mamatoabeauty yeah course. The first night was hard as it's like instinct to go and pick your baby up when crying. But I soon realised it wasn't in pain crying or upset - it was more of a wine. Cara talks about the rollercoaster so it starts loud and intense then you go down the rollercoaster and it gets easier. I think the first night she cried for 65 mins in total but the second was only 5 mins. I don't think she ever cried for more than 20 mins. Usually it would be about 5-10 mins with the odd 15 min bout of crying. The last few nights when she cried it was always less than 5 mins so we never had to even go in and do a check in. I was dreading it and didn't want to do cry it out. But honestly it's not that bad and babies are just learning to sleep on their own. She is super happy in the mornings too. Also her appetite is better in the day now. I had a tricky time with feeding and her reverse cycling so it's definitely helped that too cutting out all the unnecessary feeds. I think it's just having the confidence to do it. Now she's six months I could say right she should be getting her food in the day and not have it negatively impact her weight etc. I don't think I would have cut off the feeds at night if she was younger than six months. X

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