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berolina's and babybero's sleeping arrangements - thoughts?

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berolina Thu 27-Sep-07 10:33:56

5 days post-natal and he continues gorgeous (photos on my profile) and things are going really well - bf, although very frequent, is a dream, he's regained his birthweight shock and is having classic bf mustardy poos - a sight which sent me all teary after the struggles we had with ds1. Sleep is in short supply, especially as ds1 still has his cotbed in our room and is waking but it is manageable. I'm not entirely happy about babybero's sleeping arrangements atm, though, and am not sure what to do. He is in a small bedside cot next to me. He needs feeding to sleep (needed 3 main bf sessions last night) but won't latch on lying down unless he's been fed sitting up first (his latch is otherwise wonderful), so I'll sit up with him, feed him and then lie down and relatch him. The first time he came off and I rolled him nto his back further into the cot before falling asleep myself, but the second and third times I fell asleep feeding and when I woke up he was on his side right next to me, on the edge of the cot. The side lying worries me (SIDS) - I don't see how I can prevent myself from falling asleep lying down - and as I'm having to sit up anyway, I'm considering getting a crib and putting it right next to the bed, putting him in it after feeding and rocking him into 'proper' sleep from my bed - in the assumption that he will wake again when he needs a feed. On the few occasions when he has slept briefly in his moses basket in the day, he has stayed on his back, so I think the side is the position he falls asleep in after feeding. He seems very young to me to be side lying on the edge of our bed (although realistically the bedside cot prevents smothering). Can't decide what would be for the best though. Any thoughts or similar experiences?

ib Thu 27-Sep-07 10:39:51

Ds alwaya slept on his side. From what I've read, sleeping on side is not associated with sids, only on tummy. I think the reason for the advice to get them to sleep on their back rather than on their side has to do with the fact that they could roll onto their tummy rather than being on their side itself being a problem iyswim.

ib Thu 27-Sep-07 10:40:27

And congratulations!

berolina Thu 27-Sep-07 11:22:37

Thank you. I have also contaczed FSID to see what they think.

Any more thoughts?

Carotte Thu 27-Sep-07 11:31:40


I worried about this, as although I had a moses basket with all three of mine, they always ended up staying in our bed and mostly sleeping on their sides. I found this the best way to get any rest so we carried on.

There will be lots of people who say their babies slept on their sides/in the bed, and lots who always put them back. You have to do what works for you but hopfully you'll be reassured when they get back to you.

numptysmummy Thu 27-Sep-07 11:34:28

I also slept this with all 4 of mine although i always put them on their backs during the day. As i was on my side also feeding them at night they coukldn't really roll on to their fronts iyswim.

berolina Thu 27-Sep-07 15:48:43

Thank you

We think we have a solution the bedside cot we has has a fourth side you can get to put on it and wheels. We are going to put those on until I feel happier about having it as a proper bedside cot again (so probably 2 or 3 months in) and we will put it on wheels so I can jiggle it about very gently to hopefully get ds2 off to sleep in it. If he lies on his side whatever I do the fourth side comes off again

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