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6 mo nestles against cot bumper

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dazedandconfunded Thu 20-Sep-07 13:31:19

My 6 mo dd always wriggles her head into a corner of the cot to sleep. This inevitably means that her arm or leg goes through the bars and she wakes up; also, i am afraid of her hurting her head.

So I have put on a cot bumber, which she loves to snuggle against, but I am now scared of her over-heating. Her room is VERY cold though, and she does usually turn har head away once she is well asleep.

Any thoughts??

flowertot Thu 20-Sep-07 13:34:58

She will be fine don't worry!
Good idea to put her in a sleeping bag to prevent legs at least going through cot bars though.
My DS has had a cot bumper since birth and always ends up squished right next to it.

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