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effects of crawling etc on sleep

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ratfly Wed 19-Sep-07 21:29:30

Please tell me this is just a phase!

ds has recently learned to crawl, cruise AND walk with a trolley-thing, all in the space of a week. His naps in the daytime are a NIGHTMARE. He will only sleep for about 30 mins tops, twice a day. I know he is knackered, but he won't sleep - he can even resist the buggy / car seat!

Any tips, or will he just go back to napping properly?

Roskva Wed 19-Sep-07 23:27:35

your lucky he has 2 naps - I'm lucky if dd, who is just learning to walk, has one at the moment, and if it lasts longer than 20 mins I'm ecstatic. On the plus side she sleeps well at night.

I have started putting her in her cot at fairly set times during the day, and leaving her there - she usually goes to sleep eventually, but it can take up to half an hour for her to drop off

Highlander Thu 20-Sep-07 11:57:30

it's a recognised phase of development. I think you see it in books as "1 year old regression".

We've just gone through a similiar thing with DS2. He's in our bed now, no big deal as DS1 went through exactly the same thing.

Roskva Fri 21-Sep-07 00:01:08

dd managed about 15 minutes nap today. But she was well ready for bed after tea, and is still out like a light.

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