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Cot duvet or Quilt - which is best for 16 month old?

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joesmama Tue 18-Sep-07 19:07:05

DS1 is 16 months old and last winter slept in sleeping bags. These were great until he really starting wriggling around and moving onto his tummy then he just seemed to get caught up. Once the weather started warming up we took him out of these and he slept SOOO much better. He's always been a bit of a hot blooded thing and, like me, seems to sleep better if he's cooler (up until a few weeks ago he was just in a short sleeve vest suit thingy (can't think of proper name!) and slept like a light, mainly without the cover on him. However, now it's getting chillier I'm starting to think about what bedding would be best. Cot duvets seem to be 4/4.5 tog and I was all set to get one and then read that most cot quilts are 4 tog. But these seem really thin and more like something you'd put on top of sheets and a blanket? I don't want to be a mean mummy and get something that's too thin - what do other mumsnetters do?

bigspender30 Tue 18-Sep-07 20:17:28

stick with the duvet and get him some cozy jammies. thats what I am doing with my lo who is also 16 months. He has a habit of kicking off the duvet but at least I know he will be warm!

bagpuss Tue 18-Sep-07 20:18:59

Duvet and pyjamas. You won't look back. DS2 was the same with sleeping bags and since the arrival of the duvet he has slept much better.

joesmama Tue 18-Sep-07 21:03:14

Great - thanks for your help. Will stick to what I thought would be right in the first place!!! smile

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