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Dropping lunchtime nap

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firststeps Mon 17-Sep-07 13:50:43

My lo is almost 2 and has been poorly with a cold for a couple of weeks - as a result of this he has been sleeping from 7pm - 7.30/8ish or sometimes even later. He is now recovered from the cold, sleeping 7pm-7.30am ish but isn't settling for his sleep at lunchtime. Obviously I'm not going to force him to have a sleep if he doesn't need it but he is shattered by 4ish and is getting overtired by bedtime. Also if we need to go out in the car at tea time he is straight to sleep then a nightmare to settle until much later in the evening. What do I do?

suss Mon 17-Sep-07 13:59:28

sounds as though he is going through a stage I would keep trying to put him down for his nap or maybe try and have the nap 15 mins later. 2 is very young to give up the lunchtime nap. My ds is 2 yrs 8 months and is the only one of his friends to give up his nap so far I have heard that it is usually closer to 3 years that the naps stop although all children are different. good luck

Anonymama Mon 01-Oct-07 13:47:50

Thanks suss. This is helpful for me. My 22mth old is freaking out at lunchtime, but I know he needs the sleep. Will persevere even though we have the mother of all battles to get him to go down after lunch. I think he just realises how much more fun being up is - he's recently started playing a bit more independently, so stands in the cot demanding "toys" and "downstairs".


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