19 month old not sleeping much?!

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user1495827045 Thu 30-Apr-20 22:46:56

As title says, out DD 19 months has not slept very well for the last 5/6 weeks or so. She used to self settle but now just gets out of bed and screams until someone goes to her. We have tried water/milk and we lay her down and she gets up and screams and cries again. She can be awake for 2-2.5 hours at a time during the night. Tonight she went to bed at 6.30pm and was awake by 7.15pm. She has also started not napping very well and will sleep a maximum of 25/30 mins a day having previously gone about 1-1
5 hours. We are all so tired and I work 2 x nights a a week until 2.30. This morning I had an hour sleep before she woke up. She will still wake at 6am each morning full of beans but very ratty by 10am but will not go to sleep no matter what we try. The other day she wouldn't nap until 1.30pm but only had 20 mins and then wouldn't go to bed until 8.30pm!! I need a rant but also any advice. We tried gentle crying out so left for 2 mins and then returned gently hushed and settled into bed again but she got so worked up she sounded like she was going to be sick. Is this a sleep regression and will she get over it?! Or have we made a mistake somewhere confused she always has bath, story and milk, then bed as a routine. Help, one tired mum!!!

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paediatrician321 Sun 17-Jan-21 17:30:05

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