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I can't cope with this !!!!!!!!!

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mousemole Fri 14-Sep-07 14:07:48

Help !
My normally fantastic sleeper son (aged 2) had suddenley started waking at 5am ready to start the day. Would be OK except have 10 week old that is already waking a couple of times a night. Just as I settle DS2 after a 4am feed DS 1 wakes up. Husband away at work Mon - Fri so all getting to me !
Anyone else any experience of this ? What should I do - ignore him ? This morning he came into my bed and fell back asleep so he is obviously still tired but I dont want to get into that habit. Any help greatly appreciated.

chocoholic Fri 14-Sep-07 14:11:34

My DS has phases of doing this too. It is usually a passing thing with him so I put him in bed with me / feed him whatever as it doesn't usually last.

kiskidee Fri 14-Sep-07 15:28:14

I would go with letting him crawl into bed with me at 5am. but that is just me. on things like this, i'd take the path of least resistance.

hermykne Fri 14-Sep-07 15:30:17

what ime is bedtime and how many naps in the day?
start with the day naps as they affect nighttime imo

EffiePerine Fri 14-Sep-07 15:46:13

Apparantly the most common age for co-sleeping is between 2 and 5 so you're not alone! I'd go with it for the time being, as long as you're comfortable.

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