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Second child not getting much sleep

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EmJP1 Tue 07-Apr-20 21:35:23

This is probably a no brainer to some but I'm 12 week old isn't getting much sleep in the day time unless she's on me in the sling, which is really starting to destroy my back. She also screams and screams initially in the sling until she finally falls asleep, which always gets me so worked up. I'd like her to sleep in her cot upstairs but she doesn't settle well in the daytime. I get that she's very young still. She goes down fine at night (albeit for short periods only). The problem is I have a 2 year old that runs amok if I leave her on her own, or she simply doesn't understand why mummy needs to go upstairs and leave her for a bit (with hubby working from home he can now keep checking on her). If hubby can't help then my 2 yr old starts crying.
Do I just keep little one in the sling or somehow perservere with the cot? It's too noisy downstairs for her to sleep. If I perservere with the cot, any tips on dealing with daughter no.1?

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