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Messed up schedule

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RandDandC Tue 07-Apr-20 19:30:00

Argh, my 21 m/o is constantly waking up, is refusing to nap and is putting up a at least a 5 hour fight at bed time, this only started a couple of weeks ago and I’m putting it down to her routine being messed up with the quarantine, does anyone have some tips or experiencing the same thing so I don’t feel so alone.

forrestgreen Tue 07-Apr-20 19:30:57

What's their routine now

RandDandC Tue 07-Apr-20 19:39:31

*forrestgreen” both her and dd2 wake up around 6, she naps from 1-3 and has quiet time just in the morning between 9 and 12 when her sister sleeps. She then goes to bed around 7

jesslambo88 Tue 07-Apr-20 19:39:31

Our little boy is 20 months Hun and for some reason since he was poorly the start of March he keeps waking between 11/12pm and 4/5am...he wakes up upset so we're having to give him milk...he drinks a bottle each time so surely he wouldn't be drinking it if he want hungry...he has one nap a day around 1hr30-2 hrs...we're not sure what's happend either xx

RandDandC Tue 07-Apr-20 19:51:09

Ironically she feel asleep straight at 6 tonight but I think that was out of exhaustion, she nearly fell asleep in her curry at dinner.

forrestgreen Tue 07-Apr-20 20:25:35

I'd shorten her afternoon nap.
Send her out in the garden after tea for fresh air and exercise.
Bath and supper and story.
Bed at 7

RandDandC Tue 07-Apr-20 21:11:52

We have been walking the dogs as soon as she wakes up in the morning and then spending the afternoon in the garden, I’ll try shortening her afternoon nap if she takes it tomorrow.

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