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Please tell me it's just a phase

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StrawberryMartini Wed 12-Sep-07 20:25:02

DS is 16.5 months and for months and months has always gone down really well for his nap (after lunch about 1.5hrs), and again for bedtime at 7pm - chats away to himself and settles himself. He's also slept through apart from a few blips of teething etc.

Anyhow! Since he's started walking (about 3 weeks ago, just up and walked), he's been a nightmare. He started off by waking two or three times a night, but now over the last couple of days he's not gone down for his nap - screamed and screamed - eventually had a kip in the buggy. He's also not gone down at night - screamed for an hour and a half yesterday and an hour today. He's not unwell and he's not teething. I am figuring he's just so excited about walking?! Will it pass?! He's also been very clingy with me.

I can't do controlled crying - he works himself up into a state and makes himself sick. It's just not an option.

Any tips gratefully received!

nowwearefour Wed 12-Sep-07 20:27:45

Almost certainly a phase. I am convinced that if a baby is normally a good sleeper then they will always go back to that after blips. My DD1 has had blips at developmental stages- crawling, walking and talking but is essentially a textbook sleeper and always returns to it within a week or so- do what you need to to get him to sleep but do try not to create really bad habits that he will rely on and i am sure the phase will pass.

suss Wed 12-Sep-07 20:31:23

This too shall pass, unfortunately they get overtired and can't settle so you have to wait until they are completely exhausted and then they revert to their lovely selves. Good luck and have buckets of paitence.

scootermum Wed 12-Sep-07 20:32:50

My DD did this..She was a great sleeper for a year but as soon as she started cruising at 12 months or so she would stand up in her cot at bedtime and scream blue did pass, thats the good news...we had to leave her to cry in the end as at the time I was in my first trimester with DD2 and really really dead tired after being out at work all day-I just couldnt keep going upstairs every 10 mins to lie her back down...however felt dreadful one night as went up to check on her after she had been quiet for half an hour or so, assuming she was asleep...she was, but had fallen asleep sitting upright and was all slumped over, bless her..
So no useful tips from me im afriad, other than just carry on doing what you normally do..oh and do your best to wear him out in the daytime...lots of walking and soft play centres et al!

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