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3 year old won't stay in bed

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StuntCroissant Mon 06-Apr-20 09:51:42

Help please!!!!

We removed DS' dummy 2 months ago and since then every bedtime is a nightmare. He uses all the usual tricks (I'm thirsty, need a wee, scared, not tired etc) to avoid his bed but will eventually go to sleep with a quiet story tape and a light on. But then, he comes into our bed without fail every night. I don't mind this so much but he wiggles and talks and wakes at 5am and it is taking its toll on DH and I.

It's clear that he is struggling without the comfort of the dummy, so we have tried:
- rocking/singing to sleep (which worked but takes ages and not a long term solution)
- weighted blanket
- new "exciting" bedding
- continuing with a calm bedtime routine (the, bath, story, bed).

I can't leave him to cry/shout as he wakes DD who is 18 months and finally sleeps through the night.

I keep telling DH that it's a phase which will pass but I've been ill and the lack of good quality sleep is affecting us all!!

Spanneroo Mon 06-Apr-20 09:55:29

Our nearly 3yo started doing this. We moved her back into our room in her toddler bed because, frankly, we had newborn twins and couldn't be arsed with any additional waking! She settled immediately. Around a month in, we moved her bed back to her room and she's been fine ever since.

StuntCroissant Mon 06-Apr-20 09:56:33

@Spanneroo thank you! I debated doing this last night. Great that it worked for you.

1066vegan Mon 06-Apr-20 10:20:39

I'd just add that 5am waking doesn't sound particularly unusual for a toddler. If you can't get him to settle at that time then you and your dh might need to start going to bed earlier so that you can cope with 5 o'clock starts.

GoodStuffAnnie Mon 06-Apr-20 10:27:30

I think you’ve been really sensible and tried loads of good ideas. I had just one more that worked when our ds did this. Audible stories. Only thing that worked. After this I would do what a poster above said... just set up a camp bed in your room. Don’t stress. They’re tiny. Won’t last forever. My pickle is 10 now. And stays in bed still with audible!

StuntCroissant Mon 06-Apr-20 12:25:33

Might try moving him into our room then. We used to let him fall asleep and then transfer him but he's wise to that now.

The 5am starts would be fine if we didn't have such broken nights. We already go to bed at 8/9.

I wouldn't normally be so fussed but I'm trying to recover from my third bout of tonsillitis in so many months and its having an impact on my immune system which in the current climate is not ideal.

1066vegan Mon 06-Apr-20 13:20:01

Op, ignore my pp - just saw your update. You're already going to bed nice and early. Any earlier and you'll be going to bed before dinner!

I hope bringing him into your room helps.

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