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Anyone else had a phase of no naps?

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flowerpower20 Mon 06-Apr-20 05:59:16

Anyone had a phase or time of no naps?

My DD is 19 months.

She does a solid 1hr 30 or 2hr usually.

She's been cutting canines on and off. Crawling, shuffling, cruising you name it.

Nighttime sleep is ok. Some wake ups. 3am confused

Just wondering if this is a phase. Have tried walks, play, big lunch...all. Won't nap.
I'm tired and exhausted by it.

Please any advice.

PeppaisaBitch Mon 06-Apr-20 07:47:43

Have you spoke to a health visitor if she's not walking by 19months? Could be something else going on.
Sorry if I'm overstepping the mark.

flowerpower20 Mon 06-Apr-20 11:16:48

She's had a check up at 18 months. No concerns. Some babies are just late walkers. She pulls to stand, can climb up onto furniture- but all that happened in her own time.

Teething and no naps is causing me more concern! Any advice

PeppaisaBitch Mon 06-Apr-20 12:43:42

Is she grumpy or happy enough without? She might be naturally dropping them. Or you could try putting her in the pram for a walk (I would do a drive but probably not allowed at the moment) this usually sends mine off to sleep. Or try adjusting the time. Look for sleepy cues. Too early or too late and you sometimes miss your window.

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