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12 month advice - milk and bed time routinr

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Natalie191 Sun 05-Apr-20 08:59:09

Hey all.
My little lady has just turned one and I am just looking for some advice.
So i have just stopped the morning formula and trying to give her cows milk on which she HATES.
But at night the routine is:
Quiet time (in the night garden and all toys away)
Bath or wash
The bottle is still formula but was just wondering how do you wean this out? Do u offer a drink at a different point? How do u change the bedtime routine and take out the bottle of formula? As by the looks of it I cant switch it to cows milk as she just cries and pushes it away


Mummysarah12 Sun 05-Apr-20 09:29:55

Following as I have the exact same question! My Nearly 1 year old refuses cows milk in a cup & bottle. I think she gets a great deal of comfort from her bedtime bottle so I’m not ready to drop it...let’s hope for some good advice x

Natalie191 Sun 05-Apr-20 10:23:59

Fingers crossed for some advice.. cows milk is like a war at the moment 🤦‍♀️😂

LL82 Sun 05-Apr-20 13:29:55

Also following although in breastfeeding! Have tried to introduce cows milk in the day time without much success. HV said to use tommee tippee but again can’t see it offering comfort at night!!

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