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(ex-) co-sleepers: how old was your dc when you stopped and where did you put them?

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midnightexpress Wed 12-Sep-07 13:08:41

The title says it all really. DS2 nearly 8months and co-sleeping but still waking every 2 hours at least during the night to feed/suck. I was wondering at what age people stopped co-sleeping and how they handled it: straight into their own room (ds2 is going to have to share with his big bro, who is a great sleeper and desperately don't want to wreck that!)? Staying in a cot in your room? And how did it go?
Thanks for any insights.

sweetkitty Wed 12-Sep-07 13:20:06

DD1 - 15 months into a cot in our room for about a month and then into her own room, no problems

DD2 - 12 months we had a bedside cot and put the fourth side up but it was still beside my bed, a few weeks later into her own room, not as easy as DD1 but not that difficult. She woke 5-6 times in the night and only boob would put her back to sleep. One night she had no Mummy just Daddy comforting her, cried for about 50 minutes then went off to sleep and never looked back. Once there was no milk on offer she slept straight through.

Would have loved to continue cosleeping but they just got so fidgety, headbutting/kicking and punching me no one was getting any sleep so thats why they got moved into their own beds.

midnightexpress Wed 12-Sep-07 14:18:06

Thanks sweetkitty that's encouraging - am beginning to feel like I'm never going to get another night's sleep right through!

fishiapankhurst Wed 12-Sep-07 14:22:01

into a cot in our room at 8 months, into a bed in own room at 2. all went fine. we took the side off the cot and tied it to our bed for little while, then just set it up across room. he does appear at any time from 4am onwards and ends up in our bed though, but this is mainly caused by needing a wee, he was sleeping longer with nappies.

midnightexpress Wed 12-Sep-07 20:17:06

Thanks fishia. We've taken the side off his cotbed and it's right up against our bed at the moment, so he usually has his daytime naps and the first part of the night in that and then I haul him over when he wakes after I've gone to bed. So I guess we'll just take it from there...

Loulee Thu 20-Sep-07 19:26:15

hi midnight
i found the same with dd1 and dd2 who both co-slept - waking far too frequently cos they would nudge me / bump into me and then want a feed. Changing to putting them back in the cot wasn't nearly as hard as i thought it was going to be. and we put dd2's cot in dd1's bedroom when she was about 10 months i think. oh and as soon as i stopped feeding them during the night, they stopped wakening. (2 nights of hell for dp every time she woke, but then completely sorted!)
Good luck!

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