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Waking after 45 minutes

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S082018 Sat 04-Apr-20 09:47:12

Hi guys!

So my little boy is now 8 weeks old.
I have noticed that during his daytime sleeps and also when I first put him down at night, he wakes after 45 minutes. Now I know all about the sleep cycles for babies and how he is not at the moment linking his sleep cycles...but how can I work on this with him? Keeping in mind he doesn't always wake after 45 mins...during the night after the initial settling him down/waking, he can sleep for a good few hours without waking but I usually have to resort to feeding him to sleep again.

During the day it isn't so bad if he's being held, he's quite easy to settle back into sleep after stirring. But once he's in his cot, I have to pick him up to resettle him and this can sometimes take another 30-40 mins to get him back off to sleep!

Do babies get better at this naturally or is there more I can be doing to help him? I hate him having broken sleep when I know he's tired!

I have heard one of the reasons for the waking could be over/under tiredness but I know that this isn't the case as I'm very mindful of his awake time between naps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

S082018 Sat 04-Apr-20 14:46:31

Anybody? 😊

burritofan Sat 04-Apr-20 18:56:59

At 8 weeks I honestly wouldn't do anything other than look after yourself and maximise your sleep; it'll all change next week/the week after/and the week after that. Miles and many sleep regressions to go – it'll get worse/better/worse again and easier to fiddle with over/undertiredness when they're older and have fewer naps so there's an actual routine.

2tired2function Sat 04-Apr-20 22:46:19

I found lengthening the wake windows helped. My Dd also went through a period where she woke like clockwork after 45 mins when we first put her down for the night. She’d then go on to sleep for 10+ hours after that so no idea why first 45 mins was a problem!

We did “le pause”, ie counted to 30 before we went in and tried to listen to whether she was winding up or winding down or make what we called “Dino noises”, a lot of the time it became obvious after 30 she was winding down and within a couple minutes would be back asleep. Some people will call this cry it out but in fact we were just really focused on understanding what kind of yell it was and gave her a little time to settle back down. I think over the course of a few weeks this slowly went away and she just slept 7-7 from about 12 weeks.

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