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Sleep routine

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islaboo17 Sat 04-Apr-20 09:13:15


Hi, my dd has started waking up at 5am recently. It's been about 2 weeks! She's dropped her day time sleep as she refuses to stay in bed. We have moved her into a toddler bed as she was starting to climb out her cot bed and didn't want her falling out.

We have tried evening walks and she's getting enough exercise. We've tried her with a gro clock but she's not interested.

She starts quiet time at 6ish and goes into bed around 7pm and doesn't settled straight away. She has also started coming out of her rooms multiple times before falling asleep!

She has never done this before and has always been a really good sleeper (7pm down and asleep no fuss and waking at 7am) I am 39 weeks pregnant and am absolutely shattered as is! Is there anything I can do?

OpticVA Sat 04-Apr-20 21:58:32

How old is she? My 16 MO DD went through I early wake up phase a couple of months ago and nothing I tried would get her back to sleep. Just had to roll with it and thankfully it seems to have stopped now, I think they all go through a early wake up phase every now and again unfortunately sad sorry couldn’t be of more help, I hope it stops soon for you!

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