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A month of no naps please help

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Bronnie2018 Sat 04-Apr-20 05:25:19

DD is 19 months.

For the last month she hasn't taken one single day nap.

She used to sleep 1hr 30 sometimes 2hr.

Bedtime is ok - usually - sleeps 7.30pm to 7.30am.

She's had canine teeth, four,coming through but they are out from what I can see. Surely a month is enough?

I'm trying to put her down for usual nap ....trying between12.30/1/1.30/2 not happening. Drives me crazy trying.

She seems kind of happy but is then tired at 4pm and to be honest I don't have the energy to entertain her all day. I just want to chill with a book for a blessed hour!! Sorry I shouldn't moan.

Anyone else been in this situation? Is it a sleep regression? How can I tell?


FortunesFave Sat 04-Apr-20 07:20:11

Sorry OP both of my DD"s completely stopped napping by about 18 months. Some do. I remember being stunned at 3 plus year olds napping when mine were small....they stopped at about 18 months and never napped again.

Obviously they'd sometimes fall asleep in the car on long journeys but napping on a regular basis? NOPE!

If yours is sleeping all night then you've got to count your blessings and accept the no nap.

I used to take an hour a day to myself when she would have napped....I'd stick her in her cot with books or toys and just go away.

It was fine. She got used to it as "quiet time"

ArtichokeAardvark Sat 04-Apr-20 07:26:28

Another vote for quiet time. DS still naps most days but on days where he fights it I still stick him in his room with a few quiet toys and some picture books. He usually cries for the first 5 minutes and then gets over it and entertains himself for half an hour or so. Sometimes he even falls asleep after all for want of something better to do.

rottiemum88 Sat 04-Apr-20 07:35:08

I struggled to concentrate after reading that she usually sleeps through 7:30-7:30. Having a 14 month old that's only ever slept in 1.5 hour stretches his entire life and still doesn't nap most days, I can't even comprehend that this other world exists grin Be thankful!

TwittleBee Sat 04-Apr-20 07:38:45

Sounds like she is wanting to drop the nap. Same happened with DS. We just have a quiet hour after lunch where we chill and then adjusted his bedtime, we moved it forward by half hour and the last 1.5 hours before bed is quiet time too

Fatted Sat 04-Apr-20 07:40:03

My youngest stopped napping completely at 18 months. Sorry!

I went out to work in the evenings and had to drive them to SIL about 4pm. So he used to have a chill out in the car and doze occasionally then. Otherwise, I'd just let him relax on the sofa with some TV before tea.

Sunshine1235 Sat 04-Apr-20 07:43:38

Sorry my DS stopped napping at 19 months, I think some children do just drop it earlier than others. Have you tried putting her to bed earlier? You might get away with a 6.30 bedtime if she’s really tired, maybe worth a try and see if she still sleeps until 7.30 and then at least you’ll gain a bit of evening time.

holidayhuntress Sat 04-Apr-20 19:34:20

My 3 year old hasn't napped for nearly 2 years and has never slept through the night. I'm jealous of your 12 hour stretch tbh!

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