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Self soothing troubles

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mrsjw17 Sat 04-Apr-20 02:46:28

Hey guys!
Need some advice/techniques to follow in helping a 7 year old self sooth at night time?
We have had a few issues in the past with sleep.
Latest one we are working on is stopping her from sleeping in our room, which is going okay BUT we are struggling with her waking every hour for us to sit outside her bedroom cause she doesn't like the dark?
She does have nightlights.
I can't spend every single night sitting on the floor waiting for her to go to sleep when I'm literally in bed 30/45 minutes before she stirs again..
How do I over come this?
Please let me know any ideas you may have!

I know it's an extremely worrying time at the moment, she is away that there's a virus & that we're not allowed out for too long but other than that she is not aware of the extent of this virus.
We have kept her protected for this reason as we don't want it to add to the troubles she is already facing at night.

Hope everyone is staying safe & well throughout this.
Lots of love to you all .x

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