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Sleepyhead - help!

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rachel200811 Fri 03-Apr-20 09:59:09

My baby is 6 months and sleeps in a Grande sleepyhead (he outgrew the regular one at 4 months) in an open next to me and sometimes still BF at night. He naps in his sleepyhead in his nursery in the day and is just learning to occasionally link cycles.

This week I read that the max weight for the next to me is 9kg... he weighs 9.85kgs! So I thought to get him out of his sleepyhead and into his own room but taking the sleepyhead while he's still next to me. I didnt want him out of my room yet to be honest!

So, night 1 I did this cold Turkey and we got 2 hours sleep. Night 2 I gave it back but removed the large, thick sleepyhead bumper and replaced it with a slim bumper (to make his sleep nest secure but more spacious) in an attempt to 'wean it away'. I'd brought the slim bumper separately and tried it on its own but he kept hugging it over his face so I zipped into the sleepyhead case.

My question is 2 fold really.

Firstly, how do I get rid of the sleepyhead? Do I just take the pain for a week or so?

Secondly, has anyone used the next to me past the 9kg max weight? It does seem pretty sturdy?

Its rubbish that all co-sleeper cots have a 9kg max weight! I have a big boy on 98th centil. His cot won't fit in our room and it seems crazy to buy a third cot as with Covid-19, the only option is brand new!

I took his dummy cold turkey 3 weeks ago and that was much less distressing for him!

Thanks in advance! X

Fractionated Fri 03-Apr-20 10:10:09

Quite honestly I would just persist with the cold turkey. I can't think of a better option, we just did that with ours and in a few days it was alright.

Can't help you re the weight situation, it's funny isn't it. DS1 wasn't 9kg til he was 2 😂

yzme Fri 03-Apr-20 10:19:32

A few nights ago my just turned 7 month old decided to start rolling on to his tummy in his sleepyhead. The first two nights without it, it took him a long time to settle in his cot where as before he would drift straight off. However the last two night he’s slept better without it and slept 7-7 for the first time last night!

A friend recommended putting the bumper cushion from the sleepyhead under his sheet and space it out wide ever few nights. I didn’t need to but could be an option.

rachel200811 Fri 03-Apr-20 10:41:53

Thank you! He settled for the first 2 hours (one night cycle) then was up crying all night. Only boob settled him but he then slept on me and we were back to square 1 when I put him back down.

When you say your bubs was on after a few nights, were these nights full of crying or just harder to settle them at first?

Am thinking cold turkey is the only way, but damn... it's hard seeing him so distressed. He has ended up in my bed by 5am which I hate doing as I know it's not safe, or a permanent fix!

Yes, the bumpers under the sheet was another thought but they're so big the sheet doesn't fit and it feels pretty much like him having his sleepyhead.

Fractionated... 9kgs at 2? Wow, I've got a big lad, right?! X

Cdl84 Fri 03-Apr-20 19:32:44

If he has the sleepyhead grand why do you need to stop using it? We just bought one for my 7 month old who grew out of the smaller one and we just put it in his cot. It can be used until age 3.

triedandtestedteacher Fri 03-Apr-20 19:44:51

Have you still got the smaller one? My dd had the little one and loved it, when she outgrew it I bought the bigger one but she started pulling herself up and launching herself over the side of the cot using it. They're not really suitable for cots. I had to get rid of it but I put the smaller one in again and she just had it to sort of rest her head in. She had it until she was about two and adores it

rachel200811 Fri 03-Apr-20 19:55:46

No, I got rid of it as my little lump was too 'wide' for it.

The website and other advice said it shouldn't be used unsupervised so I'm just personally uncomfortable with him having it in a different room to me.

Looks like I'll have to take the pain and persist in getting it off him then once the dust settles move him into his cot.

I just hope the next to me hold up under 10kgs (and still growing) of pure, chubby loveliness 😂

Thanks for the advice all. X

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