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Help.. How do I get my 15mo to sleep through night?

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littlepicklesmum Tue 11-Sep-07 10:59:37

The last few months on and off my 15mo has started waking and screaming in the night, I have tried everything, various controlled crying methods, but each night he's different, he may go back to sleep for a while, sometimes I give him a cuddle or a bottle and he'll go back down, other nights he won't settle & just screams, (his voice is croaky at the moment from screaming) I end up sitting in room with him. Last week he slept till 4am and was then up - altho very grumpy, this week he wakes at 1am and least once after that, He used to sleep from 19.30 - 0600. He has a night routine and has a morning nap ok. I went out last week and my DP did the night shift and he slept right through until 6.30am!!! he is very restless, should he not go to bed in 'sleep bag'? HELP...thank you.

Meeely2 Tue 11-Sep-07 15:27:16

both my boys went through this at about the same age. i spent weeks sleeping on the floor stroking feet through the bars of the cots (I have twin boys). one night this soothing didn;t work and DH came in (the yelling had eventually woken him). He sent me to bed and soothed both boys in 5 mins flat! Ever since, IF they have woken (they did get over it), it has been his job to settle em (they are now nearly 3), basically cos they know they can't wind him round their little fingers.

I have heard that they start dreaming/having nightmares at this age, so might be waking up frightened. I am of the opinion that, if they WERE good sleepers they will be again, so do what you can to get you through this phase and it will pass.

littlepicklesmum Tue 11-Sep-07 16:20:21

Thanks meeely2. You have helped me to feel better.

Quootiepie Tue 11-Sep-07 16:21:35

is he teething?

littlepicklesmum Tue 11-Sep-07 16:26:12

Doesn't seem to be,

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