CALM & BRIGHT sleep support review? Anyone bought their plan?

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Pastaalldaylong Fri 27-Mar-20 09:30:06

Hi has anyone bought this plan? Its £100 but getting desperate now. Cant find any review online really.

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EWPDM Thu 30-Apr-20 17:33:36

Hi there, I was just wondering if you had bought the plan and, if you had, what you thought of it as I’m considering it too. Many thanks! 😊

WeDontTalkAboutLove Fri 01-May-20 16:32:43

I would also love to know if anyone has used this and what they thought!

bertiebeee Sun 10-May-20 14:57:58

I'd also be interested on hearing of anyone had bought it, particularly the 0-6 month plan

Jesus1987 Tue 12-May-20 20:14:41

I have a friend who used them and raved, the plan worked really quickly and although they’ve had setbacks Calm and Bright have been really supportive, she highly recommended.

I contacted them via email, got an auto response but nothing further. I chased via Instagram message and got an apology but still no actual response. I really hope they do come back because we need help, I’m a bit worried they only take the easy cases and we seem too difficult.

bertiebeee Tue 12-May-20 20:51:34


Hi, do you know what age plan she bought? I'm just concerned that the technique they use is PUPD which I don't think will work for my boy. I have been in touch with them and they did get back quite quickly, but we are a fairly straightforward case.

Jesus1987 Tue 12-May-20 21:10:19

He was probably a bit older than 6 months when they did it, pretty sure it was a form of controlled crying but not sure if it involved PUPD. That wouldn’t work for us either.


bertiebeee Tue 12-May-20 22:08:21

After 6 months they say it is a gentler form of controlled crying.

HeyChiefICouldBeWrong Tue 19-May-20 13:19:40

I bought this plan in desperation and was so annoyed - a total rip off. Their idea is that you leave the baby for 20 seconds, 40 seconds, 60 seconds and then back to 20 seconds. That was it. A few pages of waffle that you can find for free on the web or in sleep books. Please don’t waste your money!

Mummy2TAB Tue 19-May-20 20:53:43

Hi there I never comment on any of these things and specifically joined just to make a point of talking about calm and bright. We started it last night after total desperation and it’s working like after 1 night! It’s not pick up put down it’s controlled crying. I know there may be bumps in the road but massive improvement and I feel hopeful for the first time in months!

Jesus1987 Wed 20-May-20 06:56:59

That’s great! We didn’t use them in the end as managed to get baby to sleeping before they came back to me.

crombiekiss Fri 29-May-20 19:26:23

Please, please do not use Calm and Bright. I used them out of desperation when my baby was around 5 months. Even though they helped a little bit in some ways, overall the support I received and the way I was spoken to as a vulnerable and very tired mother was awful. I have since used Millpond, and they are wonderful, supportive and consider the child as an individual whilst using actual science instead of Calm and Brights ‘one size fits all’ nap gaps. Calm and Bright have no phone number to contact, no reviews online... just another Instagram business aimed at very vulnerable people. Please avoid and use someone reputable.
Hope this helps a little bit. X

VeloDavid19 Sat 01-Aug-20 22:30:24

I have signed up to Mum's Net to specifically post this: DO NOT BUY THIS SLEEP 'PLAN'.

It is a complete waste of money, it offers nothing you wouldn't get from watching a 10 year old episode of Super Nanny on YouTube. It preys on vunerable, sleep deprived people. £90 for the basic package could get you a month of electricity and gas, or a week of food shopping for the family, or a hotel for the weekend to make memories with your family. For a family like ours, for whom £90 is a significant outlay with very real repercussions, I would emplore you to keep people away from this snake oil.

crombiekiss Sun 02-Aug-20 11:21:46

@VeloDavid19 yes yes yes to everything you’ve said!! The way I was spoken to was just... well... awful. It is literally the biggest money spinner I’ve ever experienced in my life. There is a reason why you can’t post reviews about them on Facebook or google!!
Hope you’re ok lovely, I would recommend Millpond very highly if you needed to use someone again. Helped with both our kids xxx

ChloeA87 Sat 08-Aug-20 19:00:22

I agree with HeyChiefICouldBeWrong, it's a rip off for £100 as most of what's in the plan is in every sleep training guide online. The people seem really nice, but the free advice they give isn't particularly helpful (for me, anyway) and after paying £100 I don't want to have to pay another £40 for further advice.

Gemedin Tue 11-Aug-20 11:20:26

The plan isn't worth it - it's the usual dark room, good routine, go in the room at certain intervals without picking baby up etc. However their Instagram page is good for advice - they do q&a sessions often that can be useful!

ChloeA87 Wed 19-Aug-20 11:03:41


The plan isn't worth it - it's the usual dark room, good routine, go in the room at certain intervals without picking baby up etc. However their Instagram page is good for advice - they do q&a sessions often that can be useful!

Although now they're moving the group (the one you get access to when you buy a plan) to Facebook, which is really annoying as not everyone has Facebook.
Really annoyed I paid them £100 for nothing useful.

KAW23 Sat 05-Dec-20 10:06:44

I realise this is an old thread but I found it while I was also searching for sleep training methods for my 10 month old and hope my experience can help others.

I didn’t want to do controlled crying, so I’m glad I read this thread first. In the end, a friend loaned me Lucy Wolfe’s sleep training book. We are one week in and I’m astounded by the results, it’s a stay and support method basically about breaking the association of being fed to sleep (I’d been up endlessly through the night breastfeeding my son back to sleep), encouraging them to self-settle, and for the last few nights he’s been sleeping 12 hours with one or no wake ups. I cannot recommend the book highly enough, I never thought my baby could sleep without being fed, I know we’re only a week in and I’m sure teething etc will knock it out of kilter again, but it’s made a huge difference x

Bristolred Tue 22-Dec-20 19:10:37

I really wanted to use calm and bright but after self assessing they never got back to me, insisted they did when they didn't, left my number, nobody called. I gave up. After reading these comments am reluctant to part with £140, especially in these times. If anyone has any hints or tips to stop 5 am wake ups, I'd love to know.

Koolkoolkool Tue 22-Dec-20 21:36:15

How old? We found a routine tweak helped with early wake ups, DD is 18 months and was basically getting overtired. Had to make sure she wasn’t awake too long in the morning before nap and then the same before bed.

Foxglove213 Sat 06-Feb-21 22:00:42

Calm and bright sleep support saved my life.

Best money I have ever spent. I have two babies under two who are the best sleepers since 4/5 months.

Their early plan 0-6 is extremely gentle as they believe that you should attend your babies needs. 20/40/60 works at that age.

6-18 month plan has longer gaps but their ethos and support is next to none. Every message I’ve ever sent has been responded to within hours. I’ve been messaging back and fourth for nearly 2 years. They are incredible. I personally know 6 different babies who have turned into happy, content babies from babies who were up 2/4 times a night and were miserable and over tired. I would argue that their plan is one size fits all and the only reason it isn’t, is because the parents do not follow the process.

To anyone thinking about buying a plan, do it and only do so if you are wanting to implement every Part of the process. There’s loads of controlled crying methods out there but these are the best by far. No one can believe how I’ve managed to get my two boys to sleep so easily and to be so happy.

Their nap gap ‘guide’ is a guide and you have to tweak it slightly to be in tune to with your baby.

Their inbox is always open, give them a message and see for yourself. I promise you won’t regret it Xx

Thesearmsofmine Sat 06-Feb-21 22:07:10

@Foxglove213 you joined purely to search out a old thread for your first post? Looks like an advert to me.

Foxglove213 Sun 07-Feb-21 13:05:08

Absolutely not. I wish I was paid for for telling people about them.

Only word of mouth advertising from using the plans myself. I came across this after typing in Calm and bright on google. Try it and you’ll see.

I have had no reason to use this thread before. I just saw these comments and I find it hard to believe them when I and so many others have had the opposite customer service and results from what people are saying. So you could argue that some of the above comments could be used to steer people away.

As I said, pop the C&B a DM and see for yourself. I did. It’s the only way you’ll really know, not by people accusing others of only joining a discussion to be ‘an ad’

Thesearmsofmine Sun 07-Feb-21 15:19:29

So you googled a company you had already used and were happy with and are in regular contact with(why google them if you already have their details?) saw a page on here and joined up just to post a gushing review on this thread. Ok.

I have no need to contact this company, my children are no longer babies and these companies preying on exhausted new parents weren’t a thing when they were tiny.

Foxglove213 Sun 07-Feb-21 21:09:20

The first question asked if anyone had bought the plan, so I gave my review because spoiler alert I have bought one.

I was visiting their website to copy to a friend. I find it odd that I was even asked this on a thread where I thought fellow mums were here to help each other. My bad, I only joined yesterday so I’ve learnt quite quickly (within 7 mins of posting my first post) that it doesn’t seem the case.

It also seems quite strange, that someone who has no need for a service as they don’t have babies anymore, has such a strong opinion on C&B and are very quick to message people back who share a different view.

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