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baby waking early

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ionesmum Sun 08-Sep-02 13:20:17

Hello! Dd has got into a great routine going 9 to nine but these past couple of mornings she's woken early - between 5 and 6. She's still tired and does go back to sleep but won't go back into her cot. Could she be cold? She did have her breakfast early today as we were going out but generally she doesn't seem hungry until 9 at the earliest.

SueDonim Mon 09-Sep-02 09:30:55

The best way to check if a baby is cold is to feel their chest or back as it's a more reliable indicator of warmth than hands or feet. One of those room thermometers is useful, too. They usually have guidelines on them as to how warm the room needs to be. HTH.

ionesmum Mon 09-Sep-02 22:11:35

Thanks, SueDonim. I don't think it is her body temperature as I put her in a thicker bodysuit and growbag last night and she still woke up. She's also doing it at nap time, she will only go back to sleep on my chest and wakes the instant that I move her to her cot. I did used to have to get her to sleep on my chest because of her windy tummy but that stopped a while ago. I just can't think why she's waking.

ionesmum Tue 10-Sep-02 15:29:57

Dd is now refusing to sleep in her cot, she wants to be on (yes, on) Mummy!

Justy Sat 29-Mar-03 22:16:18

My 17 month has been an early waker ( 4-5am) for what seems foeever, any sugesions on getting her back to sleep?

cathncait Sun 30-Mar-03 00:13:13

How old is she Ionesmum? Is she old enough to learn to put herself back to sleep? It could just be a habit and since she gets to cuddle with Mum she would probably like to continue! I have the same problem with my dd (although she has never managed to go longer than 6.00am unless I give her a feed). She is teething at the moment but as soon as thats over I'm going to start being tough with her. A mild version of control crying has worked for us (she is 7 1/2 months old).

LIZS Sun 30-Mar-03 12:31:11

If I remember rightly Ionesmum your dd would be getting around 9 months or so now. I would suspect that she is simply starting to need less of a block of sleep at night. The lighter mornings won't help either but the clock change may make it a little more civilised for you.

Did you ever manage to get her into a separate room ? We find that dd will snooze again for a while if left alone, even if she is in our room we tell her to lie down again and she will go, under protest.

You may well find that after a run of early starts she naturally redresses the balance at the other end a little and you may get some evening back. To help this along you could try starting her bedtime routine 10 mins earlier every few days over a week or two. It really depends what suits you both.


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