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is there a book aimed at kids about the benefits of sleep?

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frazzledfairy Wed 05-Sep-07 20:17:53

nearly 7 year old ds1 fights sleep even though he is knackered bless him (doesn't want to miss anythinggrin). he loves reading and i wondered if anyone knew of a book aimed at children extolling the virtues of sleep ie helps you to grom, brain work more efficiently etc etc etc

tia smile

frazzledfairy Wed 05-Sep-07 20:18:51

grow not grom! now whose brain isn't working efficiently? grin

katepol Thu 06-Sep-07 21:37:24

I don't know FF, but I hope someone does. My dd (6) is exactly the same. We have to physically remove books from her and take lightbulbs out of sockets...but she still won't sleep. Says she can;t turn her brain off.

She copes with lack of sleep not by being grumpy and stroppy, but by being more 'away with the fairies' than normal, but this makes it hard to deal with her (i.e. you have to repeat every instruction three times, or precede everything with her name said VERY LOUDLY)!

Hope someone comes along and answers this!

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