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4 month Sleep Regression

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cnelson19 Thu 27-Feb-20 07:42:09

Anyone experienced this?? Been going on for around 5 days now. Initially thought it was teething, or hungry. But worked out it's not these! He started sleeping through the night a few days before this started!

He goes to bed at 7pm After having 13oz of milk! He usually wakes up around 1h 30mins for his dummy and to be tucked back in his blanket. Now he's restless a lot of the night; which keeps me awake. He then starts to cry out around 3am. I try and rock the cot so he goes back but that's doesn't work and have to pick him up and settle him again.

This broken sleep is slowly killing me! When does it end???

Wingingit2019 Sun 01-Mar-20 18:17:49

No advice but lots of sympathy! I am entering my 3rd week of 1/2 hourly wake ups after DS previously slept through and I am shattered. It is affecting his naps to so I can't catch up on sleep as I'm usually pushing him around in his pram. Have toyed with the idea of sleep training (something I never thought I would do) but have heard mixed reviews as to whether it works during a regression. I have always BF to sleep so this is the only thing that will settle him 😴

ThePurpleMoose Sun 01-Mar-20 18:27:05

Yes, DD steadily descended the slope towards only sleeping when held by me or DH, pretty much from the day she turned 4mo. We started bed-sharing to survive (see Safe Sleep 7 / Lullaby Trust for advice on this). It probably lasted about 6 weeks and she gradually improved to being able to sleep next to one of us (rather than needing our arm around her).

She's now 9mo and we still bed-share most of the time although trying to gradually get her used to being in her floor bed on her own (she hated her SnuzPod so thought no point buying a cot!) Just do what you need (safely) to stay sane and it should pass soon. Until he starts cutting a tooth. Or has a cold. Or hits the next regression 😂 You have my every sympathy, and good luck!

crazycatlady7 Sun 01-Mar-20 18:31:27

In this now and on my 3rd week- I managed to get him to go 90mins between wake ups but I'm not sleeping as trying to keep him Asleep now.... it's got to end soon? We co sleep but now if I put him in crib it's a 50%chance he will stay now (for an hour but the same if we co sleep)

BellaBellaBelle Mon 02-Mar-20 06:15:57

A month in to the 4 month sleep regression here and it’s really not fun! Ds wakes every 2 hours but then from 3pm it’s a free for all and could be every 30 mins. Dd was exactly the same but I can’t remember when sleep started to improve.

I read an article the other day that said that this is actually a sleep progression rather than regression which has helped me to try and think about it more positively. That and the copious amounts of chocolate I’m eating to get through......

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