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6 month sleep regression?

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Summer135 Wed 26-Feb-20 23:33:13

Our 6 month old had always slept well through the night ... until now.
She can wake up in the night every 30 mins and won't settle until picked up. Once laid back down she's wide awake!!! I know she is going through a lot of changes at this age but any magic tips would be appreciated smileWe have a good bedtime routine and wind down before etc. She's on solids and doing well with them. I'm keeping a close eye on foods which she is having and any changes. It's a big shock to go back to no sleep!!!

N12345625 Thu 27-Feb-20 06:14:57

It could be that your daughters body is getting used to digesting food. They go through so many phases when under one. I know this isn't much help, but just remember it won't last forever!!

WinterRose92 Thu 27-Feb-20 07:25:34

I don’t really have much help at the moment, just wanted to let you know you aren’t alone! We’re going through the same at the moment with our daughter, 6 months exactly. And a brilliant sleeper from around 10 weeks. I wondered if it was down to her getting used to digesting food. And like you mentioned, a lot is going on for them too. She’s been teething for ages but no teeth yet.
It’s disheartening at times but I know it will pass. Just a case of riding it out!
I remember our son going through it around the same time but for the life of me can’t remember how long it went on for.
Good luck! Hopefully we’ll all get a good nights sleep soon 😩

Summer135 Thu 27-Feb-20 21:59:53

I think you could be right with the digesting of food! She has so much wind it's crazy.

It's nice to know I'm not alone! I will just keep doing what we are doing.

I hope the little teeth come through soon for you. Ours had her bottom two come in a few weeks ago! I think we have some more coming.

Thank you for your lovely comments xx

WinterRose92 Fri 28-Feb-20 01:43:03

Thanks, OP. Awww, little teeth! Adorable!
My little ones cheeks are so red, poor thing, got to be any day now. Our son had his bottom two by 4 and a half months! But every baby is different.
Hope your night isn’t going too bad!

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