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4 m/o sleeping on side???

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Toby2510 Wed 26-Feb-20 04:00:57

DS just turned 4 months yesterday, and has been rolling onto his side for around a week and a half now. Sometimes i’ll wake up in the night to check on him and he’s rolled into his side in his cot!
Is this safe? And if so at what age did your LOs start doing this? Is there anything safe I can do to prevent it if he shouldn’t be doing this?

(He can’t yet roll all the way over, but somehow manages to pull himself onto his side)


MyFartWillGoOn Wed 26-Feb-20 04:06:53

Whilst I know it's not following the safe sleep guidelines, my 9 week old has slept on his side pretty much from birth.

He had silent reflux and could only seem to get comfy if I lay him swaddled on his side. He was also in hospital for the first week and midwives said some babies just prefer it. I spent a sleepless week trying to keep him on his back but he just cries until he's rolled over.

I'm not sure if this helps or answers your question but apparently it's not ghat uncommon for this to be baby's preference!

LoveIsLovely Wed 26-Feb-20 04:14:56

It's totally safe. As long as they can get themselves into that position, it's fine.

It's placing them in any position other than their back that's against guidelines, not them being in that position if they got their themselves.

WhatDoIDooDIoDtahW Wed 26-Feb-20 04:16:02

Yeah my 8 week old DD has always slept on her side... and with her face smushed into the side of the cot. I learnt fairly quickly that moving her was useless. She would just grunt and stir until she was back in the same place.

Now she sleeps 8-9 hours through.

I’ve included a picture of how she sleeps because it’s hilarious and incredibly scary at the same time 😂

MyFartWillGoOn Wed 26-Feb-20 04:19:16

@WhatDoIDooDIoDtahW Absolutely the same here! Place him in the middle of the cot and wake to find him pressed firmly to the side.

My baby has not read the safe sleep guidelines...

WhatDoIDooDIoDtahW Wed 26-Feb-20 04:40:01

@MyFartWillGoOn it’s my first baby so I was terrified at first but now I just think she’s so close to the bleeding edge she can’t possibly roll onto her front and suffocate anywayblush

They definitely haven’t read any rules!

Toby2510 Wed 26-Feb-20 04:40:45

Thank you all!
My boy’s slept through every night since he was around 9 weeks old (we’re very lucky!) and it’s good to know that i don’t have to stay awake all night when he’s sleeping to make sure he’s okay, I’m the worst for losing out on sleep because i’m too busy worrying!

MySonIsAlsoNamedBort Wed 26-Feb-20 04:44:04

My baby wiggles over and smushes her side into the wall of her bassinet as well. It's mesh so never worried me but no matter what, I put her down on her back and when I next check, on her side with face mashed.
As long as you are putting bub down on their back initially it's fine.

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