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Waking at 3 am

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Pippinsqueak Mon 24-Feb-20 03:39:10

Why the hell has my 13 month old started to wake at three am every single night???? We re on night five of this new habit

She's always been a shit sleeper since birth waking up to 8 times a night but now she's decided to wake at 3am for a couple of hours.

She's fed back to sleep each time and I had planned to night wean at 18 months. Each time I feed her back to sleep, lay her down and less than five mins later bam she starts crying. I have a calpol plug in on and soft music playing as usual


lboogy Mon 24-Feb-20 03:44:20

Same here, but we're at 18m. I think it's teething though. I can't be bothered to night wean. It's too much effort

Pippinsqueak Mon 24-Feb-20 04:11:34

I've fed her back to sleep four times now I get frustrated at annoyed (not at her) at the situation

Everyone blames me for not teaching her to self settle and for breastfeeding her to sleep

It's killing me

I'd like to think she's teething but I don't think she is

terryandthechocolateorange Mon 24-Feb-20 10:42:34

No advice, just really empathise as im in the exact situation with my daughter who just turned 16 months.

She has never slept through and at the moment is waking at really precise intervals overnight, often staying awake for a few hours while I frantically shush, rock, pace around to get her back to sleep.

I aimed to night wean soon but sometimes it's the only thing that will help. And to be honest, my partner is a bit useless and hasn't really helped overnight for a long time. Very good at telling me how to do things though! 😒

The feedback I often get is that so much is going on developmentally that they go through this. Just hope it doesn't last too long!

Pippinsqueak Mon 24-Feb-20 10:53:02

Lots of tea and chocolate biscuits in order I think. This is agony especially after 13 months of not sleeping as well. I'm due to go back to work next week after being off for three months with exhaustion I just don't know how I ll cope.

Hopefully it's a phase

terryandthechocolateorange Mon 24-Feb-20 12:11:59

Oh wow, I've been signed off of work too (pnd but mostly exhaustion). Due to go back in April. Really hope you can ease yourself into it, you're a trooper!

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